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Good Afternoon

Newsday letters to the editor for Friday, July 13, 2018

Republican Tara Scully is collecting signatures in an

Republican Tara Scully is collecting signatures in an effort to run in a Democratic primary Sept. 13 for judge of the Suffolk County Surrogate's Court. Credit: Richard T. Slatery

A candidate for Surrogate’s Court

Newsday’s editorial board expressed concern that political deal-making between party leaders denies voters any role in the selection of judges in Suffolk County and urged a qualified candidate to step forward to seek election as Judge of the Surrogate’s Court [“Backroom deals for judgeships insult voters,” Editorial, June 28].

I respectfully submit my name for consideration as the next judge of the Surrogate’s Court of Suffolk County.

Your editorial details the debilitating impact of prearranged cross-endorsements on the ability and willingness of qualified judicial candidates to seek election. I experienced this firsthand when I became a casualty of a cross-endorsement deal in my 2015 campaign for District Court, resulting in a heartbreaking loss by fewer than 170 votes. After that experience, I resolved to make a difference in front of the bench rather than on it. Circumstances have changed.

Throughout my career, I have worked very hard to address the needs of many vulnerable clients and their families. I have done so with sensitivity and a well-grounded sense of right and wrong. I will bring these same qualities to the office of Surrogate’s Court judge, as well as the backbone that your editorial suggests would be a requirement for any successful candidate.

Winning election might be elusive, but, standing up for democratic principles will provide its own satisfaction. I am proud to step forward to offer voters an alternative to the political deal-making that has made it almost impossible for independent qualified candidates to become judges in Suffolk County.

Tara Scully,Port Jefferson

Trump aligns with Putin preferences

It seems we have elected Vladimir Putin as president [“Trump, Putin prep for summit,” News, June 29].

President Donald Trump’s alienation of our closest allies, weakening of our international alliances (NATO, the Iran nuclear deal, climate agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership) and his disparagement of our basic institutions (FBI, Justice Department) are right out of Putin’s playbook.

Howard Benjamin,Albertson