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Newsday letters to the editor for Friday, May 18, 2018

Newsday readers respond to topics covered.

Special counsel Robert Mueller departs after a meeting

Special counsel Robert Mueller departs after a meeting on Capitol Hill in Washington. Photo Credit: AP / J. Scott Applewhite

Determined to fight Oyster Bay tunnel

The May 11 news story “Only seeing dark at the end of tunnel,” about a community meeting in Locust Valley on a proposal to build a tunnel from Oyster Bay Town to Westchester County, reported wide opposition from people in all surrounding areas.

The tunnel is a very bad idea from Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, who participated in a cleanup of Oyster Bay Harbor with his very good friend Billy Joel. I can only wonder what Joel thinks about all of this and whether he will join the fight to stop this insane proposal.

A slide presentation by the Village of Bayville projects that six 10-story ventilating towers could be built in this area for the tunnel. This sickens me. The village’s map shows two towers could be placed near my street. My kids are upset and worry about our house being destroyed. This was my grandmother’s house. We have roots here. When I picture these towers, it gives me an eerie feeling.

A tunnel would hurt this area and the rest of this precious Island. I will do anything and everything to fight this.

Dina S. Abdelkader,


Cuomo spending priorities are wrong

The amount Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is putting toward job training, after-school programs and nonprofit organizations to prevent MS-13 gangs from recruiting on Long Island has reached $24 million [“$5.5M more to stymie MS-13,” News, May 15].

Does anyone find it ironic that tax dollars from hardworking New Yorkers are funding these programs, but the governor and far-left progressives don’t believe in a wall on the Mexican border to stop these gang members from entering our communities in the first place?

Is anyone ensuring that these funds are not being used on immigrants who are here illegally? I doubt it. Local school districts are not permitted to ask that question.

Meanwhile our roads need fixing, county fees keep rising and state taxes increase, but my dollars are being used to make sure someone who committed a crime by crossing the border illegally has a summer job. Is anyone surprised that people are fleeing New York in droves?

Patrick Delaney,


Why no helmets in women’s lacrosse?

Congratulations to the Stony Brook women’s lacrosse team for its successful season.

Thanks to Newsday for its excellent coverage. Your story “SBU plays like a top seed” [Sports, May 14] reported on Stony Brook’s victory over Penn and carried a cool photo of senior Courtney Murphy in action.

But wait a minute, what’s wrong with this picture? Murphy is surrounded by Penn defenders, and you see at least three sticks up around her neck and head. Where’s her helmet?

Oh, that’s right, only boys and men wear helmets in lacrosse. The women would never hurt each other. Right?

Vincent O’Neill,Massapequa Park

Mueller investigation is wasting money

Two letter writers asked questions about President Donald Trump and special counsel Robert Mueller [“The president and the special counsel,” May 15].

Unless you are living on another planet, it is patently obvious that Mueller and his investigators, who include at least a dozen Democrats, are out to impeach Trump. All one has to do is innocently disremember the facts and the investigators can accuse you of perjury. What they did to former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, destroying his life, should be a message to all.

Based on news reports, Mueller has found no evidence of collusion with Russia by Trump himself. He should have ended his vendetta six months ago. Instead, he is costing the taxpayers millions of dollars by straying far and wide from his original task. It is beyond me how folks do not see this monstrous waste of taxpayer money.

Jeremiah McCarthy,Hicksville


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