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Good Morning

Newsday letters to the editor for Monday, Jan. 8, 2018

Shoppers stroll down Main Street in the downtown

Shoppers stroll down Main Street in the downtown area of Sayville. Credit: Heather Walsh

Sayville plan will bring traffic

Developers Gregg and Mitchell Rechler’s contention that a regular shuttle to downtown Sayville would offset the vehicle traffic problem is ridiculous and a cheap insult to residents’ intelligence [“Pricey rentals draw scrutiny,” News, Dec. 28].

The same young professionals and retirees who can afford a $2,300 monthly rent at the proposed development aren’t going to use a shuttle service.

Ernst P.A. Vanamson, Sayville


A couple of statistics may add important context to the proposed development of the Island Hills golf course:

•The three- and four-story apartment buildings planned for the 116-acre site would increase the number of households in Sayville by 23 percent..

•Assuming 2.5 people on average live in each of the 1,365 apartments, the population density of the property would nearly match that of Queens.

It’s no wonder Sayville residents are against this mini-city being dropped in the middle of mostly one- and two-story homes. The train station is not within walking distance. The traffic in the surrounding neighborhood and along Lakeland Avenue will be worse than it already is.

And how will the Connetquot School District handle the influx of new students, especially in light of the 1,450 apartments that will be built four miles away as part of the Ronkonkoma Hub?

I hope the Town of Islip will reject this plan and force the developers to propose a development that will enhance, rather than diminish, Sayville’s quality of life.

Brian Kell, Sayville

Time to downsize local government

I agree with Newsday’s editorial, “New tax law can bring a reckoning on Long Island” [Dec. 29].

Since the federal tax law was passed, we need to look at local government and ask why is our state among the most heavily taxed in the country. The duplication of services is outrageous.

When my wife and I got married, we lived in an apartment in Northport for nine years. Northport has a mayor, council members and all the departments that go with running this locality, including a police department and the taxes.

Northport is in the Town of Huntington with a supervisor, a town council and all the departments and taxes that go with running the town. Add the Suffolk County executive and taxes, and top it off with New York State’s governor and legislature.

Do we really need all this government? The same can be said about our schools.

Bernie Bienwald,Centerport

Haves and have-nots are all represented

I just read Newsday for Dec. 28, and several unrelated articles and advertisements unfortunately demonstrated the challenges and inequities we face as Long Islanders. Former Hempstead Town Supervisor Anthony Santino got a new job at a salary of $160,000 per year as an administrative assistant at the Nassau County Board of Elections — obscene [“Santino gets a new job,” News].

Meanwhile, “Searching for work” [News] reports a woman beginning a new job as an administrative assistant earning $55,000. Too bad she didn’t apply at the board of elections.

Long lines at the tax receivers’ offices to pre-pay property taxes, which will no longer be deductible in excess of $10,000 for homeowners in 2018 [“Working overtime to meet tax demand,” News]. Evidently Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates don’t have those concerns, as the “Worlds richest get richer” [News] article details.

Lastly, the promotion for Newsday Charities notes that on Long Island, 1 in 10 people face hunger, approximately 4,000 people are homeless, and half of those are children.

I will take the high road today and send a few bucks to a family in need. I know that will make me feel better and hopefully adding a little toward a solution.

James Lysaght, North Hempstead

A remarkable year in American history

Newsday is delivered unfailingly to my door every day of the week, and I get Newsday alerts on my mobile phone.

Today, New Year’s Eve Day, when I received the gift of the 2017 commemorative magazine inside my Newsday, I was astounded at how important and relevant Newsday is to my life. You keep me informed 24/7, and now I have a wonderful piece of memorabilia to keep and pass on to my children.

Thank you for the work and insight you put into preparing this valuable treasure. The images and details of events will remind us that 2017 was one of the most remarkable years in American history.

Adele Damian, Huntington