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Newsday letters to the editor for Monday, July 10, 2017

Newsday readers respond to topics covered.

Oyster Bay Supervisor Joseph Saladino, right, crashes a

Oyster Bay Supervisor Joseph Saladino, right, crashes a June 26 news conference by Democratic supervisor candidate Marc Herman, left. Photo Credit: Howard Schnapp

Thoughts on ‘unborn child’ headline

A letter writer was offended by the June 19 news headline “Woman, unborn child killed in crash off LIE.”

The letter writer said that it’s very clear what pregnant means and using the term unborn child only gives fodder to pro-life and anti-choice ideologues [“Showing support of abortion rights,” Letters, June 22].

Would the writer complain if Newsday had used “fetus” instead? I’m not pro-choice or anti-abortion. The use of the term “unborn child” gave me a positive and dignified feeling. Thank you, Newsday.

Anna Jurinich, Wading River

The woman who died in the crash off the Long Island Expressway was estimated to be six months pregnant. The letter writer felt that the use of “unborn child” was a pro-life term, and “pregnant” would have sufficed.

When does a fetus cease to be a fetus and become an unborn child? Is it at one day or one week or one month? At six months, I believe that a baby is fully formed and will take the next three months to gain weight in preparation for the big event.

So, I believe that the fact that this woman was in her sixth month of pregnancy was an important part of the story.

Gil Balkam, Ronkonkoma

I would like to challenge people who object to terms like pro-choice, unborn child and abortion rights.

What have these people done to ensure proper medical care for all pregnant women, regardless of social status or ability to pay? Where is their involvement with children in foster care or orphanages? I’m the single parent of an adopted child who is now an adult. It’s easy to take a stand if you only mouth words. Try putting money and effort into supporting your positions before you complain about others.

Fern Summer, North Bellmore

I was pleased by Newsday’s use of the words “unborn child” in its story about the crash. More frequently, people are looking into their hearts and realizing that the fetus is a human life waiting to be born. Our society needs to protect the unborn, the vulnerable and those who cannot speak for themselves. Our country would shine as a moral leader if we moved from a culture of death to a culture of life.

When we reflect on the euphemism “a woman’s right to choose,” we are speaking about the choice to terminate God’s gift of a newly created human. What right does anyone have to abort a child? I pray that everyone sees an unborn child as gift and not a burden.

Susan Martin, Islip

Editor’s note: The writer is a director of religious education for the Diocese of Rockville Centre.

Saladino shows need for reform in town

For Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino to interrupt the Democratic candidates’ news conference is embarrassing [“Saladino heckles opponents,” News, June 27.]

Saladino wasn’t elected to this position. He took over after John Venditto’s indictment on federal corruption charges. Saladino represents the worst in local politics.

The Town of Oyster Bay needs to hit the reset button. As a Democrat, I fear the Republican political machine will continue to deliver more of the same. We need transparency, reform and change in Oyster Bay.

Dennis Urban, Massapequa Park

Guns for all? Beware of contagious shooting

The last paragraph of a letter to the editor by a certified firearms instructor, regarding the “necessity for all law-abiding civilians . . . to carry concealed firearms,” sent chills down my spine [“D.C. shooting in a nation at odds,” June 23].

Contagious shooting, where one person firing can induce others to shoot, is a recognized phenomenon. Often, subsequent shooters do not know why, or at what, they are shooting.

Imagine a ballgame, shopping mall, movie theater or anywhere a large number of people gather, and some lunatic starts shooting. Suddenly, all the “law-abiding civilians” draw their weapons and start shooting. Who is the good guy? The bad guy?

Anyone with a gun could be a target for anyone else with a gun. When the shooting stops, and the smoke clears, there are victims. All victims of the misinterpretation of the Second Amendment.

That document refers to a “well-regulated militia.” Read it, not into it.

Chris Monzert, Lynbrook

Editor’s note: The writer is a retired NYPD detective with 20 years of experience.


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