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Newsday letters to the editor for Sunday, January 13th, 2019.

Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler, seated left, signs

Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler, seated left, signs an order in December withdrawing federal protections for countless waterways and wetlands. Credit: AP / Cliff Owen

Under President Donald Trump, the Environmental Protection Agency has become an oxymoron, an evil sneer at the environment and a big middle finger to the health and well-being of the Americans people [“EPA tilts away from Americans,” Editorial, Jan. 4].

In Trump’s world, everything is ruled by shortsighted corporate profit with no concern whatsoever for the long-term consequences his actions inflict on our planet, health, economy and America’s standing in the world.

Martin Geller, Manhasset

The Newsday editorial board needs to begin using epithets to properly tell the public who is responsible for the damage being done to our country.

It is now important for clarification as well as to assign blame where blame is due to call it “Trump’s EPA” or the “Republican EPA.”

Political appointees are carrying out President Donald Trump’s unfair, backward, politically motivated and bad-for-the-country policies. The epithet should be extended to reflect the Republican Senate majority’s role, given its sort of gutless response to anything that actually helps the country.

The GOP had the majority in both houses and the executive branch, yet did not pass an infrastructure bill; did not pass a bill to protect children from lead, mercury and pesticides in their water; did not pass legislation to protect consumers from the abuses of banks, lenders or Wall Street practices that led to the last big recession, etc.

Instead, the wealthiest corporations were given a huge and unnecessary tax cut. Make Republicans own it with the use of epithets so that ignorant voters don’t make the same mistakes in 2020.

Vivienne Lenk, Little Neck