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Good Morning

Newsday letters to the editor for Sunday, Jan. 20, 2019

New York State keeps 80 percent of money

New York State keeps 80 percent of money for unclaimed container deposits. The rest goes to bottlers or distributors. Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto / jonathanfilskov-photography

A problem with trying to redeem bottles and cans for deposit is the redemption machines [“Bottle law can do more for New York,” Editorial, Jan. 15].

I’ve tried to return items, but some stores lack working machines. Or there are wagons in front of me filled to overflowing with bottles and cans by dumpster pickers.

Stores do not care; just look at areas where they locate redemption machines. They’re filthy, and some are outside without protection from the weather. I invite members of editorial board to come with me and see for themselves.

The container fee is nothing but another tax. The state keeps most of the money when items are not returned. The container fee should be eliminated, not expanded. I foresee the day when every package has a deposit.

Bob Southard, South Setauket