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Newsday letters to the editor for Sunday, Sept. 16, 2018

Several jurisdictions have new rules on the use

Several jurisdictions have new rules on the use of plastic bags. Credit: Newsday / Jim Peppler

A recent writer bemoans the fact that plastic straws and bags are coming under fire for their threat to our environment [“Straw and bags band won’t go far,” Letters, Sept. 7].

Sadly, rather than recognize that these non-biodegradable items need to be replaced with more eco-friendly substitutes, the writer chooses to place the blame more on a lack of recycling.

It’s true, we can all recycle more. Just order a salad at a fast-food restaurant and try to responsibly dispose of the plastic container. It’s no easy task.

Unfortunately, civic and environmental responsibility in the home are difficult to legislate. Recycling, while vital, still has a long way to go.

Increased recycling awareness and participation together with the replacement of plastic items with biodegradable substitutes must go hand in hand.

Fast-food sandwiches that were packaged in Styrofoam years ago are now wrapped in paper. Packaging manufacturers then were forced to get with the times and be more sensitive to environmental concerns. Today they are faced with the same challenges and they need to rise to that challenge.

The logical solution is if you reduce the amount of plastic products introduced into our environment, you’ll reduce the potential for plastic waste.

Luke Heaton, West Babylon