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Save DACA program for Dreamers like me

Supporters of the New York Dream Act hold

Supporters of the New York Dream Act hold photos of undocumented students on May 21, 2013. Credit: AP

Young people look to adults to help them understand what is morally right and wrong. But what happens when adults break the rules for us?

I am a participant in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, which is being ended by the Trump administration [“Demonstrators go to King’s home,” News, Nov. 20].

With adults, I came to this country from Turkey at age 9. I spent my elementary through high school years in the William Floyd School District. I was captain of my tennis team and graduated with honors. My memories of when I was younger are all from Shirley. I consider myself a Long Island girl.

I understand that it’s important to follow the rules, but this is the only country I know. I hope Congress and Rep. Lee Zeldin understand and come up with a legislative solution for DACA recipients like me.

Ilknur Eren, Elmhurst