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Newsday letters to the editor for Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017

Newsday readers respond to topics covered.

Morning commuters at Atlantic Terminal on Flatbush Avenue

Morning commuters at Atlantic Terminal on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn on the day Long Island Rail Road resumes full service, Sept. 5, 2017. Photo Credit: Corey Sipkin

So grateful to be in the United States

My parents and I had to flee Egypt and spent seven months in transit, including time in a refugee camp.

We applied for permission to immigrate and finally arrived in America, the land of freedom. After five years, we became American citizens.

It was with great pride that we said the Pledge of Allegiance. It was not the fabric of the flag that we respected. We respected what it represented: the immense opportunities for success, the freedom to speak, the freedom to discuss, to disagree — in short, the freedom to be free.

I invite people who disrupt and disrespect this country to leave their American wealth and go live in a Muslim country for one year [“The American flag, the anthem and protests by athletes,” Letters, Oct. 1]. I volunteer to film their return to America, when they will kiss the ground. Then, I will happily see them on bended knee.

Viviane Koenig, East Northport

How many of the people who are offended by the NFL protests had no problem voting for the candidate, Donald Trump, who disrespected the military service of Sen. John McCain and Humayun Khan?

Wayne Karol, Levittown

Another Trump appointee gone

It’s not even nine months in, and another appointee of President Donald Trump is gone because of foolish behavior [“Price-cutting at Cabinet,” News, Sept. 30].

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price is another of the wealthy people President Donald Trump chose for his champagne Cabinet and advisers. They are ostensibly intelligent and were accomplished in careers in the private and public sectors.

Has their previous success left them with such a sense of entitlement that they have no idea what is appropriate behavior? Or are they deliberately screwing up so they have a plausible reason to resign, or be fired, so they can abandon the sinking ship that is the Trump administration?

William Hastback, Smithtown

Add trains to cut overcrowding

Long Island Rail Road President Patrick Nowakowski acknowledged that following the summertime diversion of commuters to two alternative terminals, Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn and Hunterspoint Avenue in Queens, those terminals have held on to some riders [“Repair ‘scare’ reduced riders,” News, Sept. 26].

Atlantic Terminal saw a 45 percent morning increase and 25 percent evening increase in July and August. With the retention of some of those commuters, let’s see the railroad meet the higher demand by adding commensurate trains to ease overcrowding. More trains to those alternative terminals would encourage commuters to continue using those terminals and ease the burden on Penn Station.

Before the “summer of hell” adjustments to the train schedules, Atlantic Terminal trains were overcrowded. Now we have the “fall of hell” for Atlantic Terminal commuters. Overcrowding hurts everyone — commuters and train staff. Provide a semblance of a reasonable commute by meeting the shifting demand with sufficient resources.

Michael Sullivan, Garden City

Legislation should not be rushed to a vote

It is very disheartening to see how Congress is operating. Now that Republicans control both chambers and the presidency, they feel that they do not have to represent the entire country, only their constituents. Transparency has been thrown out the window.

They tried to jam down the American people’s throats an ill-conceived health plan that was formulated in secret and rushed to a vote July 28 in the hope that they could sneak it through before everyone knew what was involved. Thankfully, a few members refused to be stampeded to vote for a bad bill.

Now the Republican leadership is trying to shove down our throats another bill to change the tax system [“LI looks like a loser,” Editorial, Oct. 1]. I have no problem about changing the tax system. But if Republican leaders demand a quick vote, it will tell me that there is a lot of bad stuff in it. When they act this way, they are trying to weaken our democracy.

Roger Kaufmann, East Northport