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Newsday letters to the editor for Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Newsday readers respond to topics covered.

Laurel Smith, 56, of Medford, N.J., attends a

Laurel Smith, 56, of Medford, N.J., attends a protest outside the office of Rep. Tom MacArthur of R-NJ., in Marlton, N.J., Friday, April 28, 2017. She says she's concerned that repeal of the Affordable Care Act could affect health insurance coverage for her son, 26-year-old son, Jamieson Smith, who has a rare sickness called mitochondrial disease. (AP Photo/Mike Catalini) Credit: AP / Mike Caralini

The Senate is drafting legislation that could change health care [“Senate GOP health plan first look,” News, June 22]. The House of Representatives’ approach to health care reform led to the American Health Care Act.

A fourth-year medical student at Stony Brook University, I was born and raised in Shirley and now have provided care to community members as patients. The American Health Care Act would harm many of them.

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, a professional organization, 1.2 million people in New York State would lose health care coverage.

Analysis of the bill shows that if the American Health Care Act goes into effect:

  • Adults 55 to 64 in New York would see the net cost of their health care increase by $2,244 on average.
  • Low-income New Yorkers would see their costs increase by $4,694 on average.

The legislation also threatens the health of the 3 million non-elderly adults in New York State who have pre-existing conditions. The legislation could exclude people with some pre-existing conditions or raise their coverage costs dramatically.

I urge readers to contact our senators to oppose any legislation that would cause our community members to lose access to care.

Cortney Crespo, Shirley


I find it unbelievable Democrats criticized Republicans for working on a new health care bill behind closed doors. I find this laughable and deplorable. Don’t they remember how the Democrats shoved Obamacare down our throats?

Remember then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s famous line in a 2010 speech to the National Assocation of Counties: “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.” Democrats approved it and now we the taxpayers are paying the price.

I can’t figure out why the Republicans don’t let the Affordable Care Act collapse on its own and then proceed with a good bill that would be less expensive to all Americans, not just a select few. I hope the new Republican legislation requires all members of Congress to participate in the plan for their health care, as Obamacare did.

Bernie McGrath, Holbrook


How can these senators sleep at night? This is not health care reform. They would deny thousands of people access to regular health care. Many would be returning to hospital emergency rooms to receive the care they lost. This, in turn, would cost hospitals more, and those costs most likely would be passed along to the rest of us. I just don’t understand the rationale. Many health care professionals and hospitals say this bill will harm everyone.

Is this a power trip for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan? Or is it, as many others have stated, a tax cut to their benefactors? Either way, the American people will suffer, and GOP Reps. Peter King and Lee Zeldin, we will remember this come election time.

Katherine Lopez, Massapequa


Republicans in the House of Representatives passed a health care bill and the president threw a party in the Rose Garden to celebrate with them. It has problems, but, they say, don’t worry, the Senate will fix it. Now, the Senate is writing its own bill. To pay for it, there could be less care, reduced coverage by Medicare, less medical research, fewer professionals in the State Department, reduced funding for the arts, and the option for states to drop out.

When a committee from each house of the Congress meets to reconcile the two versions of the bill, there will be legislation of which the president can really be proud: the American Mean Health Care Act.

What a country!

Arnold Holtzman, Plainview


I am appalled by the Republican senators who created the new health care plan. It is certainly not health care, but rather wealth care for those who don’t care about the vast majority of our American citizens. We can only hope that many enlightened Republican senators can see through the travesty of this despicable plan some hope to dump on the American people. We deserve better from our elected officials!

Nora T. Friedl, East Meadow


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