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Newsday letters to the editor for Wednesday, Aug. 16, 2017

Newsday readers respond to topics covered.

Protesters gather near Trump Tower against President Donald

Protesters gather near Trump Tower against President Donald Trump on Aug. 14, 2017 in Manhattan. Photo Credit: AFP / Getty Images / Eduardo Munoz Alvarez

Holding out hope for ID of 9/11 victim

I want to thank Michael Dobie for his column “Still connecting names to remains” [Opinion, Aug. 13].

Nearly 16 years later, I still have the dental chart in my desk of one of my patients who was killed on Sept. 11, 2001, when the first plane flew into her office at the World Trade Center. Her remains have never been identified.

Forensic dentist colleagues who worked on the World Trade Center recovery effort have told me that it’s unlikely that her remains will ever be identified, as she was probably cremated in the intense fire when the jet crashed into the building. Although I sent her dental records to the New York City medical examiner right after the attack, I keep her chart in my desk in the faint hope that those colleagues are wrong.

Every year, when the names are read at the anniversary observance, my staff and I pause and say a prayer for our former patient.

Dr. Alan N. Queen, Flushing

Trump stirs passion, pro and con

I believe that President Donald Trump has endured the most bias and unfair treatment of any president in history [“Pence scoffs at 2020 run,” News, Aug. 7]. However, he could win re-election if he accomplishes the following: Cut foreign aid in half and use that money to make Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid solvent for decades.

What’s more, he should give every American child free college tuition for a two-year degree, if he or she comes from a family making less than $200,000 in gross adjusted income. Make whole any American citizen who suffers a natural disaster, minus the insurance companies’ obligations.

And cap baseball salaries. No one should make that type of money unless he can save a life.

Thomas E. Bregenzer, Valley Stream

Newsday reported President Donald Trump’s warning to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un that there will be “fire and fury” if his threats against us continue [“Warning to North Korea,” News, Aug. 8]. Trump drew a line in the sand: no more threats.

Almost immediately, North Korea threatened us by saying it was considering creating an “enveloping fire” in the area around Guam, a U.S. territory.

Kim crossed Trump’s line, and nothing happened.

I have never been elected to public office. I have never been appointed a diplomat. But I know from bringing up children that you never make a threat you won’t carry out. The threat was a very stupid move on the part of the president.

Fred Harber, Great Neck

As usual, liberals and the media are all over President Donald Trump’s comments about North Korea. Trump has done a fine job. A million jobs have been created in the country since he took office. Unemployment is at 4.3 percent, the stock markets are doing well, and don’t forget the missiles he launched at Syria when that government gassed its people.

Wayne Mortak, West Babylon

A recent letter writer was quite correct when he wrote, “We are experiencing a historic event” [“Trump is standing up to the firestorm,” Aug. 4].

Never in modern times have we witnessed such pettiness, mean spiritedness and ignorance by a U.S. president!

America’s leadership in the sciences, healing arts, performing arts and immigration that allowed my grandparents to enter the country — all these things that made America great in the first place — are under vicious attack by this administration.

The media, whose excessive coverage made a Trump candidacy look legitimate, are now retracing their steps to protect the values and ideals of a true democracy!

Ben Calderone, Levittown

Anti-Waters efforts an attack on free speech

I fully agree with free-speech advocate Jas Chana, writer of the Aug. 6 Opinion piece “Revival of the blacklist in Nassau?,” about efforts to block rock musician Roger Waters’ shows in Nassau County in September.

Efforts by Nassau County politicians to punish supporters of the boycott, divestment, sanctions movement against Israel are an affront to free speech.

The BDS movement is a global effort to pressure Israel to abide by international law and United Nations resolutions — the same United Nations that approved the creation of the state of Israel in 1948.

Sam Shafi, Syosset


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