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Newsday letters to the editor for Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Three teenage boys died in a vehicle rollover

Three teenage boys died in a vehicle rollover Friday between Exits M9 and M10 on the Meadowbrook State Parkway. A 15-year-old girl who was driving faces charges of manslaughter. Credit: Jim Staubitser

Afterthoughts on Mangano mistrial

When interviewed by reporters after the Manganos’ mistrial, the jury foreman said he saw nothing wrong with gifts that were given to then-Nassau County executive Edward Mangano by longtime friend Harendra Singh, the chief witness for the prosecution [“Foreman: Mulled acquittal,” News, June 1].

Our public officials are not allowed to accept gifts (over minimal amounts) from lobbyists, persons or businesses doing business with the local governments. It is unethical at minimum and criminal in some cases. Was the jury not informed of that basic element of the law?

Jim Behrens,Merrick

I don’t always agree with your editorials, as I am right of center, but you nailed it in writing about the trials of former Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano and his wife, Linda, and of former Oyster Bay Supervisor John Venditto, and about the Republican Party in Nassau County and the Town of Oyster Bay [“Trial exposed a rotten system,” June 1].

The Republican Party has played Nassau as if it owned the county since back in 1970s, when it was led by Joseph Margiotta. Nothing has changed except we are broke and broken, and it still helps to have a family connection to get a job. We should have a zero-nepotism rule.

When I heard about Venditto’s acquittal and the Manganos’ mistrial, I thought of Teflon. I believe in our system of law, but sometimes we must swallow hard to accept it. We should vote out the incumbents every election.

Robert Casale,

Glen Head

There is deep concern over the erosion of trust in the FBI, the rule of law and all law officers, due to President Donald Trump’s assaults on the judicial system. We don’t have to look further than the words of the jury foreman in the Manganos’ mistrial, Marc Tambassopoulos of Hicksville, to see that these fears are well-founded. The foreman, an NYPD officer and Trump admirer, refused to accept the testimony of an FBI agent without seeing supporting written evidence.

I wonder whether Officer Tambassopoulos expects to be believed when he testifies in court? When there is no corroborating evidence, does he expect his word as an officer of the court to be respected? If so, why would he not extend this trust to a fellow law enforcement officer?

Cynthia Lovecchio,Glen Cove

Stunned by age of young mother

You have a 15-year-old who has been charged with manslaughter after driving in an accident that led to the deaths of three teenage boys [“Lawyer: Teen in crash became designated driver,” News, June 12].

In the car, according to reports, was her 23-month-old son. That would mean she gave birth to this child nearly two years ago. She was a child. What is wrong with this picture?

Peggy Connell,Wantagh

A mikvah isn’t essential

In the article about mikvahs, a rabbi’s wife says the mikvah “is the Torah’s way of keeping women respected and valued and cherished” [“Dipping into the waters of renewal,” News, June 3].

I am Jewish and respect, value and cherish my wife even though she has never been near a mikvah.

Richard Beckman,Merrick

Are Dem delegates really representative?

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s bid for a third term garnered 95 percent of the vote of party delegates at the state nominating convention on May 23 at Hofstra University [“Cuomo easily wins nomination,” News, May 24].

Does this showing really ring true?

A Siena College poll released April 17 gave Cuomo an overall favorable rating of 49 percent, 62 percent among registered Democrats.

Should readers ask themselves, who are these party delegates and why are they so far out of step with public opinion?

Jim McConville,Shirley

Editorial cartoons were in poor taste

I know there are always political cartoons about presidents, but don’t you ever think they go too far?

Your Opinion page’s June 2 cartoon roundup included a Mike Luckovich cartoon that depicted President Donald Trump celebrating a booming mortuary business in Puerto Rico. To suggest that a president is happy that people are dying from a storm is absolutely disgraceful. Maybe your editorial cartoonists should try to come up with more creative ideas.

Theresa Malone,


Two editorial cartoons in your June 9 roundup used Catholic symbols as backdrops for promoting negative stereotypes. Not funny.

In light of the “me too” movement, it is insulting that you published a cartoon that depicted a nun to correlate prudish purity with the decision to eliminate swimsuits at the Miss America pageant. The second cartoon correlated the sacrament of confession to presidential pardons.

Decisions to use religion for mockery are not “visionary.”

Michael and Mary Fenster,