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Newsday letters to the editor for Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017

A red light camera.

A red light camera. Credit: Joseph D. Sullivan

Test GOP health care plan in a few states

We are a nation divided by policy considerations on just about everything, including health care [“Trump, McConnell say they’re united,” News, Oct. 17].

Before the next attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare, I have a modest proposal for our elected representatives. Why don’t we apply a proven business technique that can be instructive when a major change is being considered: a beta test?

Let’s consider a test of what repeal would look like for a select group of states, perhaps at least five. I would include Kentucky and Wisconsin, based on the enthusiasm of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan for promoting the benefits of repeal.

South Carolina and Louisiana should be included, based on their senators’ sponsorship of the latest version of the repeal bill. And of course, Indiana should be included based on Vice President Mike Pence’s desire to cast tie-breaking votes.

If it doesn’t deliver what’s promised, only the people of those states will have suffered.

Robert Bell, Deer Park

Eliminate red-light cameras in Nassau

Huge fees for red-light camera violations are a backdoor, dishonest way of gouging the public [“Nassau fee hike plan opposed,” News, Sept. 26].

A friend says that when a traffic light changes to yellow, he has to decide whether to risk a sudden stop and be smashed or injured by the car behind him, or pass through and risk a huge fine.

In some areas, the percentage of rear-bumper accidents has risen at red-light camera intersections.

I hope the next Nassau County executive will abolish these cameras.

Irving Gerber, East Meadow

English language binds Americans

Writer Christopher Dale’s op-ed suggesting that children be required to learn Spanish in school was way off base [“Hablas Espanol? . . . Why not?,” Opinion, Oct. 16].

One of the things that binds this country is a common language. My father was a first-generation Italian-American who couldn’t speak a word of English on his first day of school. But by the time he left school, he spoke English just like the Polish, German and other first-generation immigrants. We are a melting pot, and our English language binds us as Americans.

Bob Boccafola, St. James