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Good Morning

Newsday letters to the editor Friday, May 5, 2017

A vigil held near the scene on Sunday

A vigil held near the scene on Sunday March 26, 2017, where it was held to call for an increase in road safety on Route 25A at Miller Place Road in Miller Place. Nico Signore was tragically killed while riding his bicycle last month. Credit: James Carbone

Register fee concern on Election Day

Lowering or eliminating fees in reaction to voter discontent in Suffolk County sounds good [“Amid backlash, Bellone pulls fee hikes for tickets,” News, April 26]. Politicians want to keep their jobs.

In my opinion, those fees will be back after the election. If you feel someone or some entity is manipulating you, the ballot box is a good place to express your displeasure.

Mark Redlus,Cedarhurst

Build a cleaner plant in Island Park

As a former union electrician who worked on the aging generating and cooling systems of the E.F. Barrett power plant in Island Park, I was very disappointed to read the Long Island Power Authority’s report recommending against repowering that station [“LIPA review: Don’t overhaul aging plants,” News, April 23].

It seems that a dollar sign was put ahead of environment, as this behind-the-times facility has been destroying unimaginable amounts of marine life, from horseshoe crabs to fish, for 60 years and continues to have a devastating effect on our maritime economy, salt marshes and the air we breathe.

While we certainly support renewable energy efforts, we must consider the long and arduous permitting processes that are necessary before a single watt of electricity is generated. As we’ve seen in the past, it will be a very long time before those supplemental energy sources can replace a baseload facility like Barrett.

When you consider the electrical transmission system already in place in western Nassau County, and that a state-of-the-art facility could be built on-site while the existing plant remains, it seems like the most sensible way to proceed.

Rob Weltner, Freeport

Editor’s note: The writer is the president of Operation Splash, a volunteer organization that cleans debris from Long Island waterways.

Stop all vehicles to make way for walkers

I live close to the intersection in Miller Place where two young men have been killed crossing Route 25A [“Rally for upgrades at deadly crossing,” News, March 27].

The safest way I have seen to make these crossings safer is to have pedestrians press a button to cross, and when the pedestrian crossing signal comes up, all vehicular traffic comes to a stop, including turning lanes. No cars can move or turn while the pedestrian crossing sign is on. My daughter lives in Massachusetts where this is done, and it works very well.

Mary Anne Powers Sound Beach

Phone makers, join anti-texting effort

The dangerous practice of texting while driving is pervasive [“Text or drive, but not both,” Editorial, April 12]. I see numerous examples every day.

Law enforcement can and should do more to punish offenders, but this is, at best, a limited approach.

Technology must surely be available to prevent this dangerous habit. Let’s push the cellphone manufacturers to implement measures that will undoubtedly save lives.

David Slackman, Eastport

A diploma has to stand for competence

I feel for the writer of “Some deserve more than a ‘credential’ ” [Letters, April 26] and all parents with special-needs children regarding the importance of a diploma. But a diploma has to mean competence.

Individualized education program degrees were wonderful and should be brought back, but a 65 on any Regents test stands for barely competent.

People outside education do not know that the 65 of today is not the 65 they grew up with. Today’s exams are not based on 100 points. There is a raw score that is somehow equated to a percentile. Twenty-seven raw points on a math Regents exam, which is multiple choice, is passing in some years. These raw scores do not vary much in other subjects. A child who gets anywhere near a 65 needs remediation, not Advanced Placement courses.

Linda Silverman, Bellerose Manor

Editor’s note: The writer is former teacher at Francis Lewis High School in Queens and an adjunct lecturer at Queensborough Community College.