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Newsday letters to the editor Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Phase Two of the Garvies Point development along

Phase Two of the Garvies Point development along and near Glen Cove's waterfront is slated to include 167 condominiums in a 5-story building along Glen Cove Creek, along with two parks and a dog park. Credit: RXR Glen Isle Partners

At the red-light-camera intersection of Miller Place Road and Route 25A in Miller Place, two young pedestrians died in separate accidents in May 2015 and March 2017 [“Rally for upgrades at deadly crossing,” News, March 27]. Despite the installation of cameras, our roads are unsafe for bike riders and pedestrians. I believe this is because the lights do not give them enough time to cross.

I’ve experienced this. I’m very disturbed knowing cars can turn left into me as I cross on foot. The signals need to be modified. The traffic intersections should be equipped with motion sensors to prevent lights from turning green if someone is in the intersection.

I believe the county has ignored the signaling problems at this intersection, believing that the red-light cameras are all we need to save lives.

Hector Gavilla, Dix Hills


Trump gathered coal people to show how many jobs he’s saving at the exact same time as he and his anti-environmental EPA head (Pruitt) are preparing to cut 3200 -- yes, that’s THIRTY TWO HUNDRED - jobs from the EPA.

My question: Why is the job of a biologist, geologist, lawyer, chemist, law enforcement agent, security personnel, or custodial worker at the EPA any less valuable than it’s counterpart in the Fossil Fuel industry or Big Pharma or any chemical corporation? The latter employ these same kinds of professions to get as much profit as they can, while trying to limit their own liability for their “mistakes” or to convince you that their government counterparts are not telling you the truth. Our government institutions are there to check that incredible wealth and hold them accountable. City, state and federal jobs contribute to society. Those workers pay taxes to support our country’s programs. Those jobs support families too.

Instead of the President himself (and his daughter)making things and creating jobs in China, save those 3200 EPA jobs so we can all enjoy clean air and clean water. Let’s not turn back the clock on our own country and our own country’s jobs.

Vivienne Lenk, Little Neck


The superfund site upon which the massive Garvies Point redevelopment sits, and is now EPA-approved, formerly housed a tungsten processing facility. The processing resulted in residues containing the naturally occurring radioactive elements thorium, uranium and radium. All three elements have a radioactive decay chain that produces radon, a radioactive gas that is believed to be the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. If any of those radioactive elements are still in the soil at the site, the residual radon gas could cause a serious health problem for future residents or business owners and their employees. Anyone who is considering renting an apartment, buying a condo or opening a business at the new, improved Garvies Point site should be clearly advised of that history by the developer or their sales agent, as well as by any future re-sellers. But, if they choose to buy with that knowledge, they’ll be able to enjoy an excellent view of the Glen Cove sewage treatment plan and the waste recycling facility that sit on the opposite side of Glen Cove Creek, while breathing the fresh, salt water air.

William Hastbac, Smithtown


President Roosevelt of my generation said, “ I will not send your sons abroad” Unfortunately, Pearl Harbor left our country no choice.

My generation then accepted the sacrifice the sacrifice of our Constitutional Rights for a state of Marshall Law with the suspension of civil law and civil rights.

American German citizens were under FBI surveillance and shunned in their communities.

Japanese American citizens were turned out of their homes and placed within fenced camps.

Yes, my generation did not believe in a “Guns and Butter “ policy.

We did without the butter and the women made the guns, volunteered for military service and support until our sons came home.

I believe we should once again answer our country call to temporarily sacrifice our civil rights.

If, only 2% of the proposed 50,000 immigrants includes ISIS warriors are granted entry we face an army of 1000 to harm us.

William Adams Littell, Moriches

The article on Councilman Gary Hudes says he will step down, once again left me disgusted with political rancor. “There’s always a convenient reason for a departure,” Nassau County Democratic chairman Jay Jacobs said yesterday. “I’d like them to be thinking of the taxpayer first and their personal housing market issue second.” Really, Councilman Hudes has given 17 years to his constituents, yes taxpayers, at the expense of his own family. He has served with dedication and integrity. Shame on you, Jay Jacobs for your petty politics as usual statement!

Councilman Hudes, thank you for your service to our district and community, you will be missed. Wishing you only the best as you have always given us your best.

Nancy Gersten, Wantagh