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Just Sayin': Delivery trucks change the quality of life

A delivery truck on a road.

A delivery truck on a road. Credit: iStock

Delivery trucks change the quality of life

I live in a quiet, gated community in Mount Sinai. Residents are mostly retired folks. It used to be that you hardly ever saw or heard many trucks enter community. Now at 8 a.m. every day, the onslaught starts: UPS, FedEx and U.S. Postal Service trucks come at every hour. Then there are home deliveries by grocery stores, and assorted vehicles for residents who need medical assistance.

Whatever happened to the quiet community we lived in?

These internet and delivery services have taken over!

Jerome Packer,

   Mount Sinai

Grateful for a returned wallet lost in transit

In June, a relative lost his wallet in or around a Long Island Rail Road train. For safety, he canceled his credit cards.

We had a huge surprise a few days later when we found his wallet in our mailbox with all contents intact. Someone had gone to the trouble to travel to our house to drop it off.

We are grateful, as there are items he had not yet replaced. Whoever you are, we send a huge thank you!

Ellen Ryan,

   Rocky Point

Less labeling might mean less racism

For quite some time, I have pondered the topic of racism in this country. I’ve been thinking about the labeling of people as racists and the labeling of people of different backgrounds by genealogy or color.

If we wish to stop racism, good parenting, education and tolerance are required. But we also might wish to eliminate all of the labeling.

Instead of Blank-American, how about just American?

Maybe our backgrounds and birthplaces differ, but we are citizens of the same country!

I believe this would be a great starting place to unify our country and reduce the terrible divisions we perpetuate.

Let us become one nation under God!

Lawrence Harkavy,

   St. James