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Grant even more tax breaks? Seriously?

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Grant even more tax breaks? Seriously?

The Nassau County Industrial Development Agency wants more power to grant tax breaks to downtown retailers [“IDA expansion pitch,” Business, Nov. 7]? This is nuts! How many days a week do we read in Newsday about more tax giveaways to attract or keep businesses? Who has to make up for all these giveaways? We, the taxpayers.

Giving tax breaks is pointless in Nassau or Suffolk counties. Instead, we should focus on why it is so expensive to live here.

A key reason is the outrageous salaries paid to many government employees. From school superintendents making hundreds of thousands of dollars in more than 120 districts to the many layers of assistant superintendents also making more than $100,000. We have highly paid police commissioners and chiefs. And we have officers themselves who take home more than $200,000 a year. Police are allowed, even encouraged by the system, to amass overtime to bump up their pensions. I especially love it when officials say they have to offer top salaries to attract top talent — and then hire relatives or friends.

I have lived here for all of my 76 years. I have voted in every election since I was 18. I stay abreast of local issues and attend community meetings. How can average Long Islanders prevent these outrageous hikes in pay and perks? Please, someone tell me.

Judith Hanson, Fort Salonga

An election done and more to come

State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli argues that fusion voting gives voters a choice [“Keep fusion voting; open up process,” Opinion, Oct. 31]. What choice?

Many judicial candidates on Election Day were endorsed by all the parties. How is that possible? A liberal jurist might believe in a living Constitution, while a conservative jurist might believe in originalism. So if I vote for any of these candidates on the Democratic line, I might be voting for a conservative — a Trumpite — an action that would be repugnant to me.

Joseph J. Malone, Syosset

“Election Day snags” [News, Nov. 7] told about some poll workers in New York State asking people for identification, although state law doesn’t require voters to show ID.

When I voted on Election Day at the Memorial School on Homer Avenue in Deer Park, I was asked to show my driver’s license and tell my date of birth. I readily gave both to the poll worker. I believe this should be required of all voters to prevent voter fraud.

Jack Coughlin, Deer Park

Editor’s note: The writer is a member of the Suffolk County Conservative Party executive committee.

As I drove through my neighborhood the day after the election, I was somewhat pleasantly surprised to see a Town of Islip dump truck with its flashers on. The driver and a helper were removing campaign signs near the road. These lawn signs for any and all parties and ballot issues multiply before Election Day, and then stay, some into spring.

Then I came to my senses and thought, “What is wrong with this picture?”

What’s wrong is that these signs are placed by the various campaigns — but removed at taxpayer expense.

I am not faulting the Town of Islip, nor the employees. They do a great job cleaning the campaign litter. But why must taxpayers bear the expense of constantly cleaning up messes left by politicians? Figuratively and literally.

Herb Hesse, Holbrook

I suggest that we designate the weekend after Election Day as Neighborhood Cleanup Weekend. It is perfect weather to remove the many election signs, including those illegally attached to utility poles, as well as trash blown around on windy days. Let’s make our neighborhoods look beautiful by taking responsibility for their appearance.

Claire Reisert, Wantagh

Enforce speed limits with cameras, cops

State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli reports that Suffolk has the greatest fiscal stress of any New York county and has amassed operating debt of $883 million in the past decade [“LI counties lead fiscal stress list,” News, Oct. 2].

The Suffolk County executive and county and state legislators need to find new ways to raise revenues without raising taxes. A reasonable solution would be to put fixed and movable speed cameras on the Long Island Expressway, Sunrise Highway and other local roads. If Suffolk created a full-time motorcycle police precinct, it might prevent a repeat of the reckless parade of all-terrain vehicles and dirt-bike riders seen on some local roads on Sept. 18.

In 2017, a speeding car almost rear-ended mine near Exit 60 on the LIE. The car swerved across three lanes and spun around, hitting the divider. Speed cameras might have caught this aggressive driver, and the subsequent fines could have funded many positive endeavors at little cost to taxpayers. Please think outside the box for taxpayers and their safety.

Joseph Campbell, Port Washington

Don’t allow insulting term in Newsday

How insulting and degrading for the comic strip “Pearls Before Swine” to refer to the term “broad” and portray a woman as an object on Nov. 5. Sadly, Newsday’s decision to publish this misogynistic strip appears to be tacit approval to view women as nothing more than props. Shame on you, Newsday.

Donna Van Horn, Centereach