Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Give thanks to our veterans on Monday

Credit: iStock/Catherine Lane

There are times when we re-examine that which is important. Veterans Day on Monday is one of those times to salute veterans of past and current conflicts.

My father was a World War II combat veteran, and my husband is a veteran of the Vietnam era.

All soldiers are heroes in their answer to the call of duty. Some make the ultimate sacrifice and never return home.

Perhaps one day, wars will cease and we will have peace. Freedom is not free. Give thanks to veterans this Veterans Day. God bless America.

Susan Davniero,


Taxpayers would love free gifts, too

Mayor Bill de Blasio has a plan in which some criminal suspects being released in January under the state’s new bail reforms will get Mets tickets, movie passes, doughnut-shop gift cards and more by New York City as incentives to return to court.

Starting Jan. 1, the bail reform will drop cash bail and pretrial detention for misdemeanors and most low-level felonies. Murder, domestic violence and sex crimes will be exceptions. De Blasio said small incentives could be smart policy to ensure speedy justice.

Now who pays for all this? Hardworking taxpayers. I’m a senior citizen and would like free movie and Mets tickets, and gift cards — and maybe throw in free MetroCards. All residents would like these perks. We pay taxes and don’t break the law.

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.,

Glen Oaks

Extra charges at the DMV add up fast

I just renewed my state registration for an SUV and was shocked at the cost:

$73.50 for the registration, but also $50 for a Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District tax, and $60 for a Suffolk County use tax.

That’s $110 in extra charges. Is the government looking to keep costs down for the taxpayer? Not!

Henry Levi,

North Babylon