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Don't whitewash Rep. King's support of the IRA

Congressman Peter King speak outside his home after

Congressman Peter King speak outside his home after he announces he won't seek re-election on Nov. 11, 2019 in Seaford. Credit: Howard Schnapp

Don’t whitewash King support of IRA

I take issue with the Newsday editorial board’s characterization of the Irish Republican Army as “radical factions of the Irish independence movement” in its editorial about Rep. Peter King [“A strong voice for Long Island,” Nov. 11].

The IRA was not a “radical faction,” a phrase that can be attributed to an element of a political party with bold ideas taking part peacefully in the democratic process. It was a terrorist organization responsible for the deaths of more than 1,824 people between 1969 and 2001, a period that includes “the troubles” in Northern Ireland, according to an index published by Ulster University.

King’s reprehensible support for the IRA must not be whitewashed in the pages of history. At least I can safely say that his replacement, whether Democrat or Republican, will not have this shameful legacy.

Kenneth St. John,


Troubled by Zeldin’s defense of Trump

Rep. Lee Zeldin has degraded his office and his constituents with his blind loyalty to President Donald Trump. It seems that no matter the transgression, lie or outrage Trump commits, Zeldin is in front of the microphone debasing himself for Trump’s favor. The article highlighting the fundraising seems to explain a lot [“Trump Jr. to help Zeldin,” Spin Cycle, Nov. 18]. Donald Trump Jr. will appear at a St. James catering hall Thursday to sign copies of his new book and raise money for Zeldin.

Voters, please remember where Zeldin’s loyalties lie. It is with his own political interests. Certainly Trump’s tax cuts did not benefit middle-class Long Islanders. Zeldin has not earned another term.

Mary P. Pearce,


GOP should back assessment reforms

The Nassau Republican Party seemed awfully full of itself after the Nov. 5 election [“Rebound year for Nassau’s GOP,” News, Nov. 7]. Why? So it can continue a corrupt system of assessment appeals that is full of cronyism and enriches a handful of firms that file the appeals?

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran is trying to level the playing field so that people who haven’t appealed can see reductions in their property assessments, and so those who grieved every year will pay their fair share. She’s right about reassessment. Maybe when Republicans are done slapping themselves on the back, they can turn around and cooperate with Curran and work on behalf of residents. Wouldn’t that be a novel idea?

Vincent O’Neill,

 Massapequa Park

Grateful for people caring for others

In a society that seems to be based on “me” and “I” and divisiveness, it is a breath of fresh air to read about people dedicated to caring for and giving to those in need.

I applaud Newsday for recognizing the efforts of Ele Ruth Melendez, director of the parish social ministry at St. Frances de Chantal Church in Wantagh, as well as those who do the same [“Giving thanks by caring,” LI Life, Nov. 17].

I am a member of her parish, and as president of the Wantagh Lions Club, I am proud to say that our organization supports her valuable work.

Larry Lamendola,


Letter on moderates found agreement

Thank you for publishing the letter “The plight of the moderate voter” [Just Sayin’, Nov. 16], clearly explaining the moderate point of view. We had dinner on Saturday with others who also cut out the article. I believe we moderates are in the majority, but are eclipsed in the media by the noisy minority.

Aurora Forte,


The writer of “The plight of the moderate voter” brought a little light to a very dreary political situation in this country.

I guess I can understand why our voter turnout is very low, as if early voting will change that. What we need are candidates willing to listen, compromise, understand both sides of a problem and work together to resolve it. In general, neither side of the aisle fits that bill. So many politicians seem inclined to belittle, put down and curse their opponents and their agendas. I don’t know whether the writer would want a political job — I wouldn’t — but he has my vote.

Robert Riccuiti,


Thanks to those who honored veterans

On Veterans Day, Newsday published a list of restaurants and businesses that offered free meals or discounts for veterans and active-duty personnel.

I go every year to Applebee’s in East Islip. It was packed with veterans and service members. The employees worked very hard to make it a great day for all. Thank you to all restaurants and businesses that honored veterans.

John D. Fickes,


Volleyball terminology is insensitive

With Long Island high school volleyball championship games ongoing, it’s disturbing to me that the term “kill” is used to describe the number of put-away shots [Sports, Nov. 17]. In light of all of the school shootings (including a recent one in California), I think this is insensitive. Let’s use the term “spike” to describe this type of winning shot.

Gary Anderson,