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A short-sighted view of immigration

Construction workers build a secondary border wall on

Construction workers build a secondary border wall on February 22, 2019 in Otay Mesa, California. By turning away immigrants at the border, we are potentially turning away future scholars and those who could enrich American culture. Credit: Getty Images/Sandy Huffaker

Those who oppose immigration to the United States should look at “ ‘Really grateful, very happy’,” [News, Jan. 9], and see how immigrants and the children of immigrants (we are all immigrants or the descendants of immigrants) have enriched our country.

How many Regeneron Science Talent Search scholars are waiting at our Southern border? We not only do violence to these people and American principles but we also impoverish ourselves by refusing them entry.

Adam D Fisher,

Port Jefferson Station  

New York has a serious problem

New York State is hemorrhaging. Many state and municipal services are poor at best, and costs are excessive [“Analysts: Cuomo plans could push up taxes,” News, Jan. 15].

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo hasn’t a clue how to fix the problem except to broaden services he can’t deliver. Costs are rising and folks are moving to other states.

A solution is to consolidate municipalities. Most states have two levels of geographic municipalities, counties and cities. New York has four: counties, cities, towns and villages — more than 3,400 local governments. Texas is five times larger than New York and 47 percent more populated, yet it has only 1,200 municipalities.

I believe Cuomo has no inclination to address this enormous problem. States have either high property taxes with no state income tax like Texas and Florida or low property taxes and a state income tax. New York has both high property and income taxes. New York needs bold leadership to expose the real problem and make a major change.

Clifford Sondock,

Upper East Side

Editor’s note: The writer is president of the Land Use Institute, a policy organization in Melville.