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Letter: Keep your distance from wild seals

James Prudenti, left, and his brother Anthony Prudenti,

James Prudenti, left, and his brother Anthony Prudenti, both 8-years-old and from Islip, admire a seal that was sunbathing at the Town of Islip East Islip Marina on Sunday. Credit: Daniel Goodrich

Newsday showed an admittedly cute picture of two youngsters inspecting a baby seal in East Islip [“Seal of approval,” News, Feb. 18]. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration advises that spectators should stay at least 150 feet from seals. The agency’s website cites the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 and says “approaching a wild animal can be considered harassment, which is an illegal activity.” Violators can face fines. Newsday missed an opportunity to educate.

Arthur James,

  Massapequa Park


Computer viruses? Hmm, maybe not.

I read “Nuisance phone calls are an assault” [Just Sayin’, Feb. 16] and feel the same way!

Oddly, every February, the virus patrol calls me. “Joe Brown” with an accent not like mine warns that my computer has eight viruses. Worried that he wants to get into my computer and financial accounts, I say the owner of the home and the computer itself are in Europe. After more than three weeks, the “infected” computer has not crashed.

Next time, I will tell “Joe Brown” or his co-workers that the owner of the computer is in his/her country and maybe they could meet up to discuss the problem.

After writing my first draft of this letter, the phone rang and it was “Frank” telling me my computer has eight viruses. I guess it was “Joe’s” day off.

Anne Mateer,

  East Northport


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