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Letters: Concern for the future of America

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America is a gigantic, complicated machine with millions of interconnected gears constantly turning. This is how our great nation has moved forward since 1776. The gears were always lubricated with new immigrants, thoughts, ideas, inventions and the spirit of freedom.

Over the last 250 years, sand has trickled into our machine from time to time, grinding and slowing the gears. Usually it was in small amounts — presidential assassinations, economic recessions, unpopular wars, to name a few. Occasionally a dump truck unloads its contents into the machine, causing the gears to grind with fearsome noise and threaten to stop — the Civil War, the Great Depression.

Today, another sand truck is in our midst, in Washington, in the heartland, in cities, at the border and more ominously, in our soul. It is the combination of the immigration mess, mass shootings [Remembering the victims,” News, Aug. 5], political polarization, racial hatred — and a leader fueling the split and unwilling to resolve it. Will it unload and finally stop the machine?

Hans Wenze, Farmingdale

We are a nation moving in opposite directions. When one side goes to the extreme, it only fuels the opposition. Communication is the answer to bring us to a middle ground. We need to do this as a people, not just through the media, some of which tend to express only one side of an issue.

Leonard Tufaro, Medford