Good Morning
Good Morning

Curran not following her own advice

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran discusses protocol updates

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran discusses protocol updates and preparedness for the coronavirus. Credit: Howard Schnapp

Great editorial on March 11 because it hit the nail right on the head [“Curran mailers send bad signal”]. How can anybody have confidence in Nassau County Executive Laura Curran when she doesn’t practice what she preaches?

Dave Beldner,

East Rockaway


Senior citizens deserve bag relief

I was under the impression that Nassau County would not allow a fee for paper bags, but my recent shopping trip told me otherwise.

This is grossly unfair to senior citizens who require additional bags to make them easier to lift. I, for one, cannot handle a bag holding more than a few items. The stores should consider this problem and offer some relief to senior citizens.

Marguerite Connell,




Best person should be VP choice, no?

I was greatly amused reading a woman’s letter headlined “U.S. needs a woman vice president” [March 12]. Why set your sights low? Why not president?

I was thinking, did I demand a straight Catholic doctor? Did I say I want a gay Middle Eastern veterinarian? Did I search out a lesbian Jewish chiropractor? Did I insist on a transgender accountant? No! I picked the best person for the job, not the perceived “underrepresentation” of “minorities.” (Odd, as males are the minority gender.)

The problem with people who are “woke” is that they are not awake. The sadder part is not only will they be “triggered” by this, but they will miss the point.

I wonder how many of these otherwise well-meaning people would be happy to be treated and serviced by someone fitting their perfect amalgam based on sex, race, religion and ethnicity who was the least qualified. And say that person became a heart surgeon because he or she ticked all the right boxes for getting a slot in a school.

Just saying.

John Savin,