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The government's response to COVID-19

County Executive Laura Curran gives a status update

County Executive Laura Curran gives a status update on the coronavirus in Nassau in Mineola on Friday. Credit: Howard Schnapp

President Donald Trump is unfit to lead in a crisis, and COVID-19 highlights that [“Defending U.S. virus response,” News, March 7]. He has shown his ignorance, arrogance and narcissism. That was evident during the pharmaceutical executives meeting when he kept insisting the vaccine might be ready in two months. When executives corrected him, he ignored them and kept repeating it.

His trip to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had him insulting Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington, the state with the most deaths, and interrupting CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield to “correct” him and state that anyone who needed to could get tested — a lie. He admitted he wanted to keep the quarantined cruise ship passengers docked outside California because “I like the numbers being where they are.” While wearing a red campaign hat, he praised Fox News and again referenced the Ukraine “perfect transcript.”

His COVID-19 response is a microcosm of his presidency. Trump only cares about himself, ratings, polls, the stock market and crisis optics.

Rosanne Manfredi,

Bay Shore


I’m sick of reading and listening to how President Donald Trump was not prepared or isn’t appropriately addressing the coronavirus. I think the pervasiveness and impact — health-wise and economically — is unprecedented, difficult to contain and hard to anticipate.

I am outraged, though, at the lack of attention to the true culprit, China. To me, this dictatorship has lied and cheated us and stolen from us for decades but has succumbed to a new low — not being a good citizen regarding worldwide health. The virus first appeared in December in Wuhan. Chinese doctors’ warnings were ignored for some time, outside offers of assistance were ignored, the virus spread and people died.

After the dust settles, the only bright spot will be when our government and corporations rethink their supply-chain dependencies on China.

Bob Esposito,

Lake Grove



Newsday, and much of the mainstream media, continues to feed the coronavirus hysteria. Randi F. Marshall is eager to have more of our personal freedoms removed so she can feel comfortable [“A tone-deaf protest by anti-vaxxers,” Opinion, March 4]. If she believes that rolling up her sleeve for the next big vaccine experiment will protect her, she should get it. If she believes vaccines are 100% safe and effective, then she is protected, right?

So why does she demand that everyone have no choice in getting one? We are all capable of understanding the risks and should be allowed to choose. Spare me the “herd immunity” nonsense. To me, vaccine-induced herd immunity is a fallacy.

As long as people are injured (or die) from vaccination, it should be a personal choice in a supposed free society.

Ken Vatter,



Since we have a society so dependent on security using dogs, X-rays, searches and personal scrutiny, why don’t we add the thermometer? Anyone with a fever represents a danger to our health security. We have the ability at a low cost to take the temperature of everyone going through a security checkpoint. With modern thermometers, this would take a few seconds and ensure that anyone who has a fever would be removed for the safety of other travelers.

Bob Rubin,

Glen Cove 

It’s about time someone decided to call in the big guns to fight COVID-19 and deploy the National Guard. Imagine, what bug can stand up to the power of a 120-m.m. gun or any massed firepower? Beware, bugs, this is all-out war, and the governor of New York State is sparing no expense to bring you down. Yet the electorate keeps sending Andrew M. Cuomo back to Albany. Amazing.

Thomas Atkinson,



On the COVID-19 outbreak, Nassau County Executive Laura Curran has been a calming presence to residents, sharing facts instead of fear, presenting the needed information with experts by her side, and doing all of this with a measured tone so as not to stoke our worst fears. The county’s response to this disease has been nothing short of exceptional.

Tom Curry,