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Readers discuss the coronavirus epidemic

The USNS Comfort, seen in January, will be

The USNS Comfort, seen in January, will be deployed to New York Harbor to treat noncoronavirus patients to relieve hospitals responding to the virus outbreak. Credit: U.S. Navy via AP / Petty Officer 2nd Class Chelsea Kennedy

When reporting about coronavirus victims, the media must provide the right to privacy [“First 3 coronavirus deaths on LI, in Suffolk,” News, March 17]. However, it would be beneficial if we were given pertinent information. We should not only be given the age and medical information but also how the people believe they were exposed to the virus. It would help us understand if we are acting properly to avoid the disease’s spread. Also, follow up on their recoveries and how the virus affected them.

Gregg Lojo,

Lake Ronkonkoma

In 2018, officials tasked with preparations to combat the spread of viruses were ousted by the Trump administration and not replaced — until the coronavirus hit the United States. Though President Donald Trump cannot be blamed for COVID-19, his cavalier attitude about the danger of this pandemic caused the slow reaction by the federal government. Downplaying the danger, lying about the availability of testing and a vaccine, and having the mendacity to state that the virus is “totally under control” can be laid at his feet.

Now, to me, Trump wants to buy his reelection by giving $1,000 to Americans. It’s indicative of this administration’s arrogance and belief that Americans can be bought. And so cheaply. Perhaps a better idea would be to hold in abeyance debts, rents, mortgages, etc., thus freeing up money for essentials and alleviating families’ anxieties. This administration has put unqualified people in key positions. Now, we reap what he has sown.

Chris Monzert,


Isn’t it ironic that some states that advocate sanctuary cities, legalization of marijuana, and not cooperating with the federal government, blame the government in a time of crisis, then request federal assistance?

The coronavirus is an example. Several states must prioritize future needs for national emergencies.Yes, it means more careful planning in terms of medications, the countries where they’re manufactured and possible shortages. And it means thinking about all the supplies needed, including having programs in place and warehousing emergency supplies.

The federal government isn’t an all-knowing entity. The states must take a more aggressive and responsible role for the good of all people, not the politically popular agendas.

Voting is how we take responsibility for having a government that represents all of us.

Ernie Anderson,


Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has mentioned using the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to build and/or retrofit abandoned buildings as hospitals if our hospitals become overwhelmed and can’t handle many coronavirus patients [“Preparing for a surge,” News, March 17]. Has anyone considered using the abandoned former Kings Park Psychiatric Center? Seems perfect.

Judy Jeney,

Kings Park

If we will be needing hospital beds, a Navy hospital ship is a good idea and comes with the equipment [“Floating hospital,’ business limits on way,” News, March 19]. But maybe we should also start looking for other alternatives: closed museums, gyms, concert venues, empty stores, etc. Long Island has plenty of options. We should seek these spaces now.

Chris Cooper,


I went to the supermarket and was disgusted by the sight of discarded rubber gloves thrown on the ground and into the shopping carts. Many trash cans are available. Come on, people, we have to work together to stop the spread of this hideous virus so stop your unsanitary habits, and let’s all pitch in and wipe out this bug.

Marie Scalafani,


As a retired high school chemistry teacher, I am aware that school labs have rubber gloves, alcohol and other necessities. If state schools are contacted, they could donate supplies not being used.

Susan Lustig,


With the state Democratic presidential primary approaching on April 28, the majority of older voters likely will not go to the polls because of the coronavirus. Voter turnout will likely be extremely low.

Now is the time to enact mail-in voting so New York State can be prepared. No one knows how long the virus will be active, meaning the November election also could be in jeopardy. California and many other states have mail-in voting and avoid low voter turnout.

Judy Jeney,

Kings Park

As I get older, I realize I must rely on many others to continue a normal life, especially as we face this crisis. I just wanted to publicly express my gratitude to those who make that possible: the police, firefighters, physicians, truck drivers, and emergency medical services, supermarket and sanitation workers among others.

I thank each and every one of you, and God bless you all.

Peter Kelly,