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Good Morning

Time to electrify all that we can

A new state initiative will add thousands of

A new state initiative will add thousands of vehicle charging stations on Long Island similar to this one in Mount Sinai. Credit: Daniel Goodrich

A big round of applause for Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s farsighted request of $701 million to build out electric vehicle infrastructure through 2025 and for the Public Service Commission’s support [“Boost for electric vehicles,” Business, July 18].

Greenhouse-gas-spewing, old-style cars are contributing to record carbon dioxide output despite the sudden pandemic-induced drop in emissions. Electric cars, of which I own one, must be a realistic choice for all drivers. We can observe the terrifying global effects of climate change. For example, scientists have now confirmed that Siberia’s record-shattering high temperatures and fires are definitely human-caused.

We must electrify everything, and provide that electricity with clean, renewable resources. It’s time to stop burning fossil fuels.

Debra Handel,


Portland tactics remind me of Nazis

I am a refugee from Nazi Germany, and President Donald Trump’s agents’ lawless behavior in Portland, Oregon, painfully remind me of Adolf Hitler’s gestapo [“Portland mayor: Get feds out,” Nation & world, July 18]. And I thought that this could not happen in America.

Trude Hassberg,


NFL player deserves more punishment

I couldn’t agree more with Steven Markowitz regarding the Eagles’ DeSean Jackson [“NFL player’s anti-Semitic remarks,” Letters, July 19].

However, what Markowitz failed to mention is Jackson’s absolute hypocrisy. Jackson says he wants peace, love and equality for all people and races, but he posts his love for Adolf Hitler and Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam leader known for anti-Semitic rhetoric. Moreover, Jackson blames the Jews for holding back Black people. This type of anger and hate is not commendable, and it is why a trip to a Holocaust museum and a fine should not be his only form of punishment. He should have been, at the least, suspended immediately. People who hold that much anger and hate are never sorry. This is a man who makes millions of dollars. Of course, he will apologize, and the truth is he’s only sorry that this exploded in his face.

In addition, I’m trying to understand why the Black Lives Matter movement and the NFL players are keeping quiet on this issue. Is there an answer for this silent treatment?

Alex Calvo,


Trump’s niece relates established facts

While I have no intention of buying her book about her uncle, Mary L. Trump’s portrayal of President Donald Trump and his father differs little from information already in the public record [“Book by president’s niece is vindictive,” Letter, July 17].

Mary L. Trump may be vindictive, true enough, but she seems also to be right on established facts. Donald Trump allegedly cheated his late brother’s family, including Mary, out of an inheritance of millions of dollars, much as his failed leadership and misrepresentations to Americans have cheated and cost the lives of so many people.

Robert Mays,


Lee a defender, or a traitor?

Did the writer of the letter that describes Gen. Robert E. Lee as a traitor consider that he had to mobilize his neighbors to ward off an invading army [“Lee was a traitor, like Benedict Arnold,” July 16]? It was an army that I see as bent on destroying their way of life.

I’m not condoning slavery, but you have to consider that it was considered acceptable by many decades after the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were written. Maybe there was a better way of eliminating slavery without the deaths of more than 600,000 Americans. A little misguided yes, but was Lee a traitor? No way.

Les Glasser,


Almost all Confederate generals had been U.S. Army officers, who took an oath to defend the United States.

They choose to violate that oath by leading a bloody insurrection that cost the lives of more than 600,000 Americans, so that they could retain the “right” to enslave other humans. Instead of being memorialized, I say they should have been prosecuted for treason.

Bob Scalise,

Middle Island

Split student time at schools all year

Here’s an idea to help schools reopen [“Should schools reopen in the fall?” Opinion, July 20]. Adopt year-round classes with a third or some other part of the student population off at a time. This would reduce the number of students needing class space, busing, etc. This would also allow social distancing in the classrooms and perhaps reduce the need for other resources.

Summer camps have objected to this before, but they could provide camping and day care for a larger group of students year-round. Numerous problems are to be overcome, but this idea and others like it should be given a serious look. Other pandemics very well might occur again, and these new problems call for new solutions.

Warren Ferry,