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Tailgating and close stopping a big issue

Heavy traffic on the eastbound LIE at Glen

Heavy traffic on the eastbound LIE at Glen Cove Rd. in Roslyn in June 2017. Credit: Danielle Finkelstein

The writer of "The LI rules of the road: What rules?" [Just Sayin’, April 24] failed to mention a much more serious problem on Long Island roadways. It is something the police completely ignore and is substantially more dangerous than what the reader brought up. The issue is tailgating or vehicles running up behind the car in front of them when stopped for a red light or stuck in heavy traffic.

This practice isn’t going to get the car in front of them to move faster or even move at all. All it does is increase the likelihood of an accident. This is especially dangerous when done by bus drivers. I have had that happen to me many times by both municipal and school buses, full size and mini. Bus drivers could endanger their passengers by pulling up too close to stopped cars.

Drivers should leave a decent space in front of them when stopping and when driving, one car length for every 10 miles per hour of speed, to ensure that the chance of an accident is reduced.

David J. Guthartz, Oceanside

I can’t be the only driver who has noticed the flashing yellow arrows on traffic lights suddenly popping up on Long Island. If traffic signals are going to be changed, alert the public. Most people see the red arrow disappear, and that means go. This is no longer the case. How do new (or even experienced) drivers know to expect this? I’ve had more than one close call with another motorist turning left in front of me thinking they have the "green light."

Scott Boudin, Old Bethpage

LI highways’ condition driving me crazy

I’m disgusted. I started my business just before the pandemic hit and was one of the lucky ones. I discovered a niche serving seniors that gives me great joy every single day. Unfortunately, I’m required to drive all over Long Island, something I used to absolutely love. It won’t be the pandemic that takes my business down, nor my competition . . . not even the higher gas prices.

It’s the Long Island Expressway, Southern State Parkway and Sunrise Highway that are absolutely destroying my car ["LI roads are an embarrassment," Just Sayin’, March 20].

It’s only a matter of time that I’m stranded, with any extra money I’ve managed to put aside going to repairs, new tires, and replaced windshields. I’m sick and tired of dodging potholes — swerving to miss as many as I can — only to then drive over poorly patched up stretches of road.

It’s the only thing in this new and exciting part of my life that continually makes me sick to my stomach. For Long Island, what an embarrassment.

Linda West, Bay Shore