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White moms aren't the only TV mothers

Phylicia Rashad played Cosby's wife Claire Huxtable on

Phylicia Rashad played Cosby's wife Claire Huxtable on the long-running NBC hit "The Cosby Show." Credit: AP

Gyrodyne deserves Smithtown approval

The Suffolk County Planning Board recently voted to allow the Town of Smithtown to be the final voice on the Gyrodyne subdivision application ["Gyrodyne plan back to Smithtown," News, May 9]. As a longtime community advocate, I would like to voice my support for the approval of the subdivision.

The facts — verified again and again by the environmental impact statement, the economic study and teams of researchers and government officials — remain: a sewage treatment plant is vital for the long-term health of Stony Brook Harbor and economic growth; the region is desperate for jobs; and smart, sustainable development is key to the future of Suffolk County. These are all inextricably connected to the Gyrodyne subdivision proposal.

In addition, over a third of the property will remain as natural or as landscaped space, with new benefits for traffic mitigation and historical preservation. No current development is under consideration in this proposal; it only offers a vision for how to divide the property.

The future of Smithtown requires responsible growth. We are faced with a decision to embrace that future and build a Smithtown that our children are proud of. I hope our town board will approve this critical opportunity.

Chris McNamara, Smithtown

Editor’s note: The writer is president of the Smithtown Chamber of Commerce.

Jobs report shows NY must open now

The April jobs report, which had anticipated much better numbers, proceeded to swing and completely miss, adding merely 266,000 jobs ["U.S. hiring slows in April," News, May 8]. We can talk complex economics all we want, but the answer — a solution most people knows has been long overdue — is clear: New York and the entire country need to reopen. Not at the end of May, not in two months, but now.

Enough is enough. There is no government assistance program or any variation of wordplay around what constitutes "infrastructure" that can replace the benefits of simply letting people work.

Let’s not forget that through this pandemic, as people were forced to stay home and watch their livelihoods wither away, our government representatives still drew their salaries. Another month of COVID-19 restrictions could mean the end of businesses and the work of a lifetime for many New Yorkers.

The grand New York State experiment of pandemic population control is about to end, in failure. Get out of the way, let people work and watch our economy rise once more.

Matthew Pinna, Farmingdale

White moms aren’t the only TV mothers

I usually don’t write letters like this, but the "Moms with the most" feature in the Parade magazine that was included in Newsday’s Sunday home delivery on May 9 irked me. It’s time to rethink this list of all nine white TV mothers. Yes, Lucy Ricardo in "I Love Lucy" from the 1950s make sense, but how about a little color and culture?

These actresses’ characters are also role models of TV working moms: Tracee Ellis Ross (Dr. Rainbow Johnson) of "Black-ish," Phylicia Rashad (lawyer Clair Huxtable) of "The Cosby Show," Isabel Sanford as Louise Jefferson on "The Jeffersons," Justina Machado as Penelope and Rita Moreno as Lydia on the new "One Day at a Time," Tichina Arnold as Rochelle on "Everyone Hates Chris," and Constance Wu as Jessica Huang on "Fresh Off the Boat."

It’s time to update preconceived concepts of television moms.

Mindy Karten Bornemann, Great Neck

CORRECTION: In an earlier version, lawyer Clair Huxtable's occupation on "The Cosby Show" was incorrect.

These generators a cheap alternative

Regarding the article ["LI’s power primer: Tackling blackouts," LI home, May 7], I was disappointed gasoline-powered generators were not mentioned. There was a small photo of one but no mention of using one.

It is a much cheaper alternative to an expensive natural gas generator for people. I put in a small panel, bought a 1,650-watt generator and had it all installed for under $3,000.00. The only other expense would be gasoline.

Although this backup is noisier than a natural gas generator, it’s something most people can afford. I can power about three-quarters of my house in a blackout, giving me heat, hot water and lights. It also powers three refrigerators and a full freezer. This should be enough for most people.

Steve Rodman, West Hempstead

Facebook should require real names

I don’t believe Facebook should be allowed to police social media. However, I am not comfortable with some proposed strategies ["Trump ruling outs Facebook," Editorial, May 6]. The simplest solution is often the best: Require all members to sign posts with their real name. This would rid us of anonymous, fake rants. Posts can still be deceptive. Hence, the responsibility lies with people. In a democracy, we are tasked with governing by the people. Judging a post should rest with the people — not Facebook.

Aurora Forte, Smithtown