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Forced vaccine shots, poem lawsuit

People wait to get a COVID-19 vaccine outside

People wait to get a COVID-19 vaccine outside Suffolk County's H. Lee Dennison Building in Hauppauge.  Credit: Debbie Egan-Chin

If shot is forced, it’s not liberty

Arthur Caplan tells us that "the road to real, meaningful liberty, choice and freedom" is through government-mandated COVID-19 vaccinations ["Make getting COVID-19 vaccines mandatory," Opinion, May 27].

He missed that statement’s irony. Sadly, this medical ethicist makes no mention of informed consent, which calls for physicians to describe risks and benefits of a medicine or therapy. The patient balances them and decides whether to submit to it.

Also no mention of constitutional rights besides Caplan’s mentioning politicians who "prattle on about personal choice" as if this were a mere nuisance not worth considering. Fortunately, we have a Constitution, and it protects our individual liberties.

He also ignores that the majority of Long Islanders are vaccinated and many others who have recovered from COVID have natural immunity. I exercised my informed consent by getting the vaccine, but I certainly don’t favor our government forcing citizens to subject themselves to a vaccine they have determined is not in their own best interest.

Caplan and many others seem to think they know better and want Americans to be forced by our government to submit to their wishes. This should be frightening to everyone.

Michael Cisek, East Islip

Poem lawsuit tarnished by damages sought

I am puzzled why anyone would sue a school district for $2 million because their poem was not published "Suit planned over refusal to publish poem," News, May 26]. If Ruby Ray and her lawyer father, John Ray, believe the school must publish this particular poem at this particular time and in this particular manner to prove the school is not racist, then the Rays’ position would be more persuasive if they had sued for $1 rather than $2 million. That would prove they are not merely taking advantage of something that looks like elite white privilege.

Although I strongly support the point of the poem, a society that seeks to solve every disagreement with a costly lawsuit only helps one class of people.

James Moyssiadis, Mount Sinai