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Smithtown parents' actions shocking

A recreational marijuana smoker smoking weed.

A recreational marijuana smoker smoking weed. Credit: Getty Images/Bruce Bennett

Smithtown parents’ actions shocking

I was absolutely appalled at the actions by parents in Smithtown ["School board gets contentious," Our Towns, May 27]. Not only do they not understand the legal imperatives of educating our children about actual American history, warts and all, their objections to learning about racial inequality defies reality and is quite frightening.

Our children must learn and accept the truth and fact. What is next? Teaching eugenics in biology? Not teaching foreign languages? Forget about global or world history. We only need to learn about Western Europe, after all — no one else matters.

This is an appalling trend. If we don’t understand our past, we will continue to breed a culture of division. This is a time when some demographers predict Caucasian Americans will soon be a minority

Own it, parents of Smithtown. Don’t make your children selectively ignorant.

Judith Rosen Lipner, Dix Hills

Ban pot smoking in all public places

For those of us with sensitive noses and lungs who delight in breathing fresh, clean air after the pandemic, a new air pollutant has emerged to assault one’s senses: marijuana. I am not opposed to the state legalizing medical marijuana. But, just as cigarette smoking and secondhand smoke can affect the lungs of nonsmokers, the smell of marijuana has now been drifting in the air, and it’s getting harder to stay upwind of it.

So I applaud the Nassau County lawmakers who voted to ban marijuana use on county property ["Nassau to limit pot," News, May 25]. And I hope other legislators in the state will do the same in all public spaces.

Further, I implore those who must seek comfort, solace or escape by using it, to consider their surroundings and, like cigarette smoking, to consider that personal use of the product should be just that: personal.

Air pollution — from cars, factories or smoking products — is still air pollution to me.

Vivienne Lenk, Little Neck