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Just Sayin': Trees in Shoreham, lifeguards and good deeds

Lifeguard Liz Breiner, above, and fellow lifeguards keep

Lifeguard Liz Breiner, above, and fellow lifeguards keep eyes on the water at Sailors Haven on Fire Island. Credit: James Carbone

Shoreham becoming barren, treeless community

It’s disheartening to watch all the healthy, lovely trees of our community being decimated.

On shady, tree-lined streets that once flourished, neighbor after neighbor slowly are convinced that direct sunlight is the way to go. It’s understandable if your tree is diseased or a threat to your home, but trees provide the cooling shade from summer’s heat.

Trees can be pruned to let the light in. They don’t necessarily need to be taken down. They create filters for polluted air as well as noise.

Think about the effects of cutting down trees and the harm that does to our environment. We must consider our future generations and how our actions today are contributing to the global warming crisis and the greenhouse effect.

We can’t easily deny it as we witness current changes in Shoreham and throughout the country. I encourage my neighbors to consider their neighbors. We all live on this Earth, and if we don’t attempt to save it, who will?

— John Lomaga, Shoreham

Giving LI lifeguards proper recognition

In the summer of 1973, when I was 21, I was at Jones Beach with a friend for a day of fun in the sun and ocean. I have never been a good swimmer and fear being in water over my head. We were in water up to our chests, jumping over the waves and being lifted up by them.

Suddenly, I got pulled out by the undertow. I said to myself, "Don’t panic," and tried to swim toward shore. My leg cramped and I began to panic, yelling for help. I was hyperventilating and in trouble. I was about to pass out when someone grabbed me by my armpits and pulled me back to the beach.

A lifeguard saved me, and a small crowd gathered. I could hear, "Hey, that guy almost drowned." I was not embarrassed, only glad to be alive.

I hope I thanked the lifeguard — I was still shaking and drained. I want to now thank all the lifeguards at Long Island beaches and pools who save lives each year. They are heroes who rarely get the recognition they deserve.

— Brian Abrams, Babylon

A good deed makes for a good day

A young man, about 18, who was recently in a local grocery, showed he was a truly kind spirit.

Waiting to check out his three items, he watched an elderly man ahead of him, who apparently did not have enough money for his groceries, rummage through his pockets to see whether he could cover the cost of his items. Without hesitating, the young man handed the cashier his own credit card and told her to add $20 to cover the cost of the man’s groceries. It made my day.

— Delores Childs, Garden City