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Prosecute those who created opioid problem

UN Racism and Human Rights envoy Michelle Bachelet,

UN Racism and Human Rights envoy Michelle Bachelet, Credit: AP/Jesus Inostroza

Prosecute those who created opioid mess

It appears the drug company owners and executives responsible for fueling the opioid epidemic will avoid punishment ["Opioid deal had too high a price," News, July 21].

It’s the same playbook used by the banking, chemical and insurance companies in the past. Protect the owners and executives by admitting no guilt, use their billions of dollars to pay off litigants and accept the thousands of resulting deaths and misery as collateral damage. It’s greed capitalism at its finest.

Unless we go after those responsible and have them face prison, it will happen again and again.

— Jack Pepitone, West Hempstead

Long Island may get about $185 million from opioid payments ["3 opioid giants settle, will pay NY $1.1B," News, July 21].

I hope the statements by elected officials that this will be used to help those with addiction are true and the money isn’t used to increase pay or build nice buildings. Families were torn apart and need help.

Next, this money should go to creating jobs for recovering addicts. They need to be kept busy and supported. If they have free time, they could relapse.

Also, anyone trying to get them hooked again should be prosecuted.

Finally, not one dime should go to any facility without a proven success rate. Unfortunately, I have no confidence that this money will be spent successfully.

— Randy Perlmutter, Oceanside

Openness shown by Biden inviting envoy

Swedish economist Gunnar Myrdal wrote the landmark book "An American Dilemma" in 1944 for the Carnegie Corporation. He concluded that the United States failed to live up to its creed that all men are created equal. Blacks in 1944 were denied their rights to citizenship and were treated as second-class citizens.

President Joe Biden is demonstrating his openness by allowing a foreigner, UN Racism and Human Rights envoy Michelle Bachelet, to examine racial conditions in America today ["UN racism envoy will fan the flames," Opinion, July 20].

This is in stark contrast to former President Donald Trump and the Republicans, who want to sanitize American history and falsely claim that critical race theory is being taught in the secondary schools. Few liberals are instructing white youth that they are racists. They are our future.

— John Boughal, Bayport

To invite an envoy of a body that has as members such august countries as China, Syria, Libya and Iran to investigate our country, even if in good faith, is way above the secretary of state’s pay grade. I see this as treasonous.   

Congress should in a bipartisan vote immediately revoke any cooperation with this UN body. If the Democrats won’t do this, they deserve to be removed come Election Day next year.  

— Samuel Mark, West Hempstead