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Climate crisis and Texas abortion law

Port Jefferson is heavily flooded as the remnants

Port Jefferson is heavily flooded as the remnants of Hurricane Ida move through the area early Thursday morning. Credit: Stringer News Service

Fight root causes of our climate crisis

As gigantic rainstorms become the norm in our area, it’s not enough to improve our storm drains and other flood mitigation tools ["Plan better for future storms," Editorial, Sept. 3]. We must battle the root causes of the climate crisis, which is driving this extreme weather.

As a start, Gov. Kathy Hochul must prioritize aggressive policies to decarbonize New York’s electric grid, starting with denying air quality permits for the proposed new gas-fired power plants in Astoria and at the Danskammer plant in upstate Newburgh.

At the federal level, we need the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation to enact strict clean car standards to bring down emissions . The proposed rules do not go far enough to tackle the climate progress we need.

Strong clean car standards will spur innovation and electrification in the transportation sector, which is the leading source of greenhouse gases. That and the adoption of renewable energy sources may save us from extreme climate events.

— Amy Posner, Lido Beach

The writer is a member of the Sierra Club and The Nature Conservancy. 

The morning after the remnants of Hurricane Ida damaged Long Island with up to nine inches of rain, many residents in my area had lawn sprinklers on. Then, with a new forecast of rain, the sprinklers were on again.

Water is a precious commodity, and it is being wasted. Even with automatic timers, this is unconscionable.

— Barbara Diamond Obstgarten, Port Jefferson Station

New Jersey is pledging to become the Texas of offshore wind power. Long Islanders should be concerned.

We need real leadership to get the turbines spinning here. Gov. Kathy Hochul should take charge and be a fighter for offshore wind, climate relief and the jobs it will bring. The climate crisis cannot take a back seat to all the other crises confounding Albany.

New York has strong climate legislation. The new governor, State Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins must work together to prioritize offshore wind.

— Jameson Coleman, Stony Brook

The Earth is dying, and it needs our care. If we are to create change, if we are to truly do what we as Americans claim to do when we boast about being the "greatest country in the world," we need to push for serious, legitimate, sweeping action now. By following countries such as Sweden, we could build plants that actively capture carbon. By listening to scientists who have been talking about this from the start, we could employ technologies that help food production become near carbon-neutral.

By pushing for more composting programs, we could do more for our Earth and waste reduction than simply recycling. By putting pressure on big businesses and actively pushing for large companies to stop killing our environment, we could make serious change. I am just one young voice out of many. But everyone needs a place to live, air to breathe and food to eat. If we don’t do something soon, then we aren’t going to have any of that. We are running out of time.

— Miranda Rodriguez, Oceanside

It’s amazing that some people complain about windmills ruining the South Shore view. My wife and I recently spent an afternoon at Point Lookout, and I counted 15 tankers and cargo ships just a few miles offshore. Now that was a view.

— Paul Duguay, North Bellmore

Texas abortion law latest in reverse acts

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is working hard to make his state an embarrassment ["Texas abortion curb in effect, top court mum," News, Sept. 2]. He and his Republican

colleagues have been diligently working to erode the constitutional rights to vote and to get abortions by passing restrictive laws. The "great state of Texas" is devolving into a backwater. What’s next? A law requiring women to wear burqas? The state’s next tourism campaign should read: "Come visit Texas, the new Jurassic Park, and see the dinosaurs at the state capitol !"

— Sue Parker, Stony Brook

So now in Texas, lawmakers say people shouldn’t wear masks or get the COVID-19 vaccine because the government can’t tell them what to do with their bodies, but a woman’s body doesn’t get the same standards regarding abortion. Hypocrite is not a strong enough word for these people. They have no clue about freedom or what it means.

— Daniel Geskie, Valley Stream

Forget about the wall keeping Mexicans out of Texas — we need a wall around Texas. This awful law to force unplanned, unwanted, unaffordable pregnancies on women, plus their anti-democratic election laws and anti-masking laws make this state far too toxic to be part of the United States anymore.

— Karl Bean, Mount Sinai