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Just Sayin': Presidents don't need flags of tribute

President Joe Biden speaks at the White House

President Joe Biden speaks at the White House on Aug. 12 with American flags in the background. Credit: TNS/Alex Wong

Presidents don’t need flags of tribute

A reader asked, "Where are the flags for President Joe Biden?" It’s pretty simple ["Two sides to which flags we can fly," Just Sayin, Sept. 4].

At 63, I’ve seen many elections. There were no flags for Presidents Nixon, Carter or Reagan (despite his massive popularity). None for either of the Bushes or Obama. That’s because in America, we don’t view presidents like kings.

We don’t shove our support of them in everyone’s faces. We don’t wear caps honoring them. We don’t cover our houses in tributes to them.

No, those are the tactics of cult members, who pledge allegiance to a personality or figurehead, and then hide behind the First Amendment to excuse their lack of propriety. Or, it’s their attempt to "trigger" others. But what it mainly does is leave them as unaware objects of ridicule. Many people view them with pity.

— Russell Alexander, Brentwood

A reader noted not seeing any flags for President Joe Biden from the 81 million who voted for him. He doesn’t need one. The American flag is his flag. Former President Donald Trump needs his own flags because his ideas don’t reflect the American way.

— John T. OConnell, Bay Shore

Easy way for LIRR to generate revenue

While riding the Long Island Rail Road from Ronkonkoma to Woodside to catch a Friday night Yankees-Mets game, I figured how the railroad can increase revenues — collect tickets. Four major events happened in the city on Sept. 10 — a concert in Flushing, tennis’ U.S. Open, WWE wrestling at Madison Square Garden, and the baseball game at Citi Field.

The 4:46 p.m. train was full by the time we reached Hicksville (with about 50% of riders wearing masks, but that’s another letter). Yet not once during the entire trip to Woodside did a conductor come around to punch tickets. Free ride!

Then we took the 10:53 p.m. home from Woodside and, again, no one collected tickets. Another free ride! I admit, one conductor did pass through the car around Hicksville but didn’t collect any tickets.

We now have two round-trip tickets for our next trip. LIRR management often seems to complain that they aren’t generating enough revenue and need to raise prices. It should collect the money due before asking for fare increases .

— John Machalski, Medford

In parks, just put your dog on a leash

A few years ago, Michael J. Tully Park in New Hyde Park became dog-friendly with two dog park enclosures for unleashed dogs and the rest of the park open to dogs on-leash, a perfectly reasonable requirement for everyone’s well-being.

Recently, I walked into the park with my leashed dog and had to leave because apparently it was too burdensome for some dog owners to maintain control of their pets by having them leashed.

My dog doesn’t like being accosted by unknown dogs, and there were several, seemingly friendly, running free on the grass and pavement, approaching people and other dogs while their owners chatted with each other several yards away.

I am a dog lover, but not everyone appreciates a loose dog running at them, nor do all dogs tolerate an overly friendly canine. Although these owners ignored their responsibility to keep their dogs under control, they got to enjoy the afternoon, while I had to leave the park to ensure the safety of my dog and theirs.

Having to accommodate those who disregard rules for their own convenience is getting tiresome for those of us who try to do the right thing.

— Lisa Castillo, New Hyde Park