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Stop vax charade, anti-vaxxers, vaxed should stay apart 

Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving (11) lowers his

Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving (11) lowers his mask to talk to a teammate during practice at Brooklyn Bridge Park in Brooklyn, NY, on Saturday, Oct 9, 2021. Credit: Brad Penner

Anti-vaxxers, vaxed should stay apart

Anti-vaxxers should understand that my freedom is equal to and as precious as theirs ["Thousands may lose jobs over NY vax rule," Oct. 9]. I do not care to be in their presence, and I promise not to encroach on their space.

They are in the minority. But because of their persistence to show and teach the next generation disrespect for neighbors and civil disobedience, I’m asking them to seek their freedom away from America’s work spaces, restaurants, event venues, schools, hospitals, medical facilities and other areas where their respiratory expectorant could infect those of us who respect our constitutional right to inhale freely air without COVID-19 germs. I thank them for respecting this request.

— Kathleen Young, Blue Point

During World War II, this country knew who its enemy was — the Axis of Germany, Japan and Italy. Many men and women enlisted, and some even lied about their age or physical condition to   do whatever they could to support our country and defend it from the enemy.

People everywhere saved the bacon drippings to help the country build explosives. People volunteered to give blood, served as air raid wardens, worked in essential industries and did much more to support the country and help defeat the enemy. We were a patriotic country.

Now, we face a different enemy, COVID-19, attacking this country. In fact, this new enemy has already killed   nearly twice as many people here than those killed in World War II. Yet many people — too many — make excuses for not being patriotic. Getting vaccinated helps protect fellow Americans. Making excuses aids and abets the enemy.

So roll up your sleeves and act as any patriotic American would — get vaccinated.

—Hal Juman, Commack

I believe it is time for TV public service announcements to show COVID-19 survivors and their family members telling their stories about how they wish they had received the COVID vaccine. PSAs have been done with cancer and other diseases. I would suggest even showing for a full minute the hospitals filled with COVID victims while surviving family members relate their stories. They can detail their concerns and hardships suffered during their ordeals. I realize some nonbelievers will claim the people and footage in the PSAs are doctored, but they would still reach and potentially push others to get shots.

PSAs of doctors speaking about this have not moved the needle enough. Statistics are important, but many people are impacted more by images of people who have actually experienced COVID. After about 20 months, we are still impacted in at least three ways — health, economic and social. Get the shot, wear a mask where needed, and let’s end this pandemic.

— Steve Boyce, Dix Hills

Rob Herbst’s reasons for not getting vaccinated lack simple research, but sadly the same reasons continue to be claimed by far too many ["Opposed to vax mandates," News, Sept. 19].

Many accredited science journal articles explain the facts in detail. Herbst also claims a religious objection regarding fetal cells, which the vaccine does not contain.

Memes and social media posts have been conflated with primary sources. In truth, he is just one of many Americans afflicted with "You’re not the boss of me," also known as "Don’t tell me what to do." And that often turns into "Cutting off your nose to spite your face."

Unfortunately, this type of mentality spites all of us. As an educator, I implore everyone: Take an hour or two to read accredited scientific or medical journal articles. Ignorance spites all of us.

— Tiffanie Kempf, Remsenburg-Speonk

My dear cousin died recently in a StatenIsland hospital from COVID-19. He was 61 and did not get vaccinated. He left behind his wife, daughters and a new grandchild. I pray each day that people who won’t get the vaccine will see the light and get the shot to protect themselves and their families. Let’s end this nightmare once and for all. Please get vaccinated.

— Mary Ann Puccio, Garden City

Stop vax charade of hiding player status

Can sportswriters stop with the facade of writing that the Brooklyn Nets’ Kyrie Irving’s vaccination status is "unknown" because he hasn’t told anyone ["Kyrie to skip Philly trip," Sports, Oct. 11].

If he’s not allowed into Barclays Center to practice because of the city vaccine mandate, then it’s obvious to me he isn’t vaccinated.

Make a choice, Irving. If you don’t get vaccinated, then you forgo your salary and will just sit out this season.

— Tom Sena, Merrick