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Good Afternoon

Curran's police support and a developer's activities

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran in her office

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran in her office in Mineola. Credit: Howard Schnapp

Curran tainted by support from police

There is no refuting that Nassau County Executive Laura Curran inherited a wealth of problems that have plagued the county. She has certainly done a good job by most standards by rooting out corruption and pointing the county on a forward-looking path.

However, her misguided decision to refuse to mandate vaccinations for police and others should have been more strongly denounced in Newsday’s editorial ["Curran deserves second term," Oct. 17]. It also fails to address her misguided approval to provide police with an ongoing $3,000 stipend to wear a bodycam.

In Newsday’s town hall, she explained the decision was based on best practices. That kind of reasoning lacks transparency and is indicative of how she has been tainted by the continued support of her from law enforcement.

These decisions insult the intelligence of county residents . Moreover, it puts residents at increased risk of getting COVID-19.

Lastly, she failed to mention that the $375 checks she touts, another ploy to get reelected, are taxable.

— Michael Scott, Garden City

Developer should stay in own backyard

Developer Rechler Equity Partners’ plan for more than a thousand units of rental apartments in Sayville will make the firm a small fortune ["Building block," Our Towns, Oct. 18]. How about building Greybarn developments in communities its principals live in? That would make bigger fortunes. I believe the rents they would get in their own communities would be significantly larger than in Sayville. Oh wait, they wouldn’t want a Greybarn development in their backyards?

Well, Sayville and the surrounding communities don’t want it in theirs, either.

Don’t turn our neighborhoods into crowded dense-housing areas just to stuff more money into your pockets. I just moved to Oakdale to get away from dense-housing areas. Let’s keep the area as residents want it, not as some outsiders want it.

— Susan Ruona, Oakdale