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Just Sayin': Anti-Columbus activists should get facts straight

The vandalized St. Peter's Italian Catholic Church in

The vandalized St. Peter's Italian Catholic Church in Los Angeles. Credit: TNS/Hayley Smith

Anti-Columbus activists should get facts straight

Anti-Columbus activists allegedly vandalized St. Peter’s Italian Catholic Church in Los Angeles on Oct. 11 ["We don't deserve to be targeted," Just Sayin', Oct. 16]. They vandalized the church with red paint, placed a banner saying, "Stop colonizing our land," and put graffiti on the sidewalk saying "Stolen Land." It seems Christopher Columbus and Italians in general are their easy scapegoats. Let’s get the facts straight. Which countries actually colonized the New World? It was mainly Spain, Great Britain, France and Portugal. There were no Italian colonies. Not one. What languages are mostly spoken throughout North and South America? Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. Did Columbus or Italians actually steal their land? No. The famous conquistadors -- Pizarro, Cortes and de Soto -- were all Spanish. So why are the anti-Columbus protesters blaming Italians? Why are they trying to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples' Day? Why are they vandalizing an Italian church? It seems their anger is seriously misdirected. This is what happens when people get their information from placards instead of history books.

John Campanella, Albertson

Traffic blockade by Trump supporters unsafe

A vexing Sunday car parade organized by the Long Island Loud Majority on Oct.17 was named the "Save America Rally," and the route along Sunrise Highway started in Patchogue and ended in Montauk. This was just one of many parades that are a safety concern as they may hinder emergency vehicles. These LILM leaders seem to be the same people encouraging parents to show up at school board meetings to protest the values of diversity, equity and inclusion in the classroom and argue against mask mandates. These leaders proclaim their personal freedoms are being taken away. Where is my freedom, on my weekend off from work, to travel out east for pumpkin-picking with my family and not get stuck behind trucks waving obscenity-laced flags that my children read? To me, being patriotic means caring about all Americans and unifying the country, not encouraging political divides.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the time and energy put into organizing and participating in these parades were spent handing out food in a soup kitchen or visiting our veteran heroes? That’s what I call being a patriot and helping to make America great.

Barbara Coniglio, Smithtown

On Sunday, I was taking a nice morning drive. As I started merging onto Sunrise Highway heading east near Robert Moses Causeway, my passenger and I realized we were about to merge into a caravan of at least 100 supporters of former President Donald Trump driving three lanes wide at 30 miles per hour, totally inhibiting the safe flow of traffic. Why do these people feel it is OK to inhibit the freedom to drive? My passenger said he’s all in for Trump but agreed this blockade was ridiculous.

No matter one's political affiliation, this is unsafe for all drivers.

Ron Fehntrich, Brentwood

Disgusting flags indeed are at LIRR station

A reader said he did not see profanity on flags directed at President Joe Biden held by supporters of former President Donald Trump at the Bellmore Long Island Rail Road station "Sporting events no place for profanity," Just Sayin’, Oct. 16]. That’s because he’s not looking closely. Several such flags with profanities were there, along with ones with misinformation, proclaiming "Trump Won." And, lately, a despicably large Confederate flag has been displayed. Last year, I commuted on Merrick Road so I didn’t have to see this disturbing display. Why is this allowed in a municipal parking lot? I think it’s time for people to start contacting the Town of Hempstead and the LIRR.

Joanne Talbot, Massapequa Park

The reader who saw no flags with profanity at the Bellmore train station needs to drive by there again. It is not an opinion that flags with profanity are there. It’s a fact.   

Patty Burke, Massapequa

Windmills in Atlantic make a statement

Two readers objected to placing wind turbines in the ocean ["Don’t place windmills in the Atlantic Ocean," Just Sayin’, Oct. 16]. Turbines in the Atlantic off Long Island would be a glorious sight. They would show that we are a leader in supplying renewable energy we need to save our planet from fatal greenhouse gases.

Our offshore winds are powerful and steady and the best source for making these turbines turn. Risks of offshore wind are heavily outweighed by benefits, as shown by Europe’s wholehearted embrace of the energy source. Gov. Kathy Hochul must embrace offshore wind power.

Jenna Inglese, Southampton