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Write representatives about anti-Semitism

Orthodox Jewish men pass police guarding a Brooklyn

Orthodox Jewish men pass police guarding a Brooklyn synagogue on Dec. 22 prior to a funeral for a Brooklyn rabbinical student killed in a shooting at a Jersey City, New Jersey, market. Credit: AP/Mark Lennihan

I was born in 1938. And by the time World War II ended, I was 7 years old and started to ask questions of my parents about the war. When the war ended, I read in the newspapers about all the Jews who were killed and asked my parents why, and they told me that many people in Europe hated the Jews.

Today the real world scares me again because of the increase of anti-Semitism. I became a history buff and read all I could about how the war came about and how the Jews acted before the war. The famous saying was, “It can’t happen here.” Now, with the rise in anti-Semitism, I hear the same words, “It can’t happen here.” But certainly it is happening here.

My goal is to get 6 million letters to our politicians so they will see that their constituents are serious about this and will start talking about the seriousness of this problem and not just say, “Don’t worry, it is just a few people shooting off their mouths.” They are doing more than shooting off their mouths. Every day, we hear of more and more attacks on Jews, including in New York City and Rockland County.

Please just write four words to your representative: “I am against anti-Semitism.”

Stanley Gerard,

Garden City


Concerned about societal discord

What would Jesus do?

With each passing day, that question looms larger and larger. In a world of intolerance, alternative facts, outright lies and deception in all sectors of society, I wonder what would Jesus do?

Whether or not you accept Jesus as your savior or believe in a god, we can agree that he was a historical figure who lived his life in a very particular way, modeling a decent, honest and accepting approach to all he encountered.

What would he have to say about the state of humankind? One must imagine that he would not approve of the discord, the deceptions and the divisions that are a seemingly normal part of our existence. It is time everyone took a step back and applied the principles of “What would Jesus do” to their words and actions. The world would be a much nicer place if we did.

Maryellen Viola,

Massapequa Park