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Good Afternoon

Improve public transportation access

Riders at the Merrick LIRR station N51 bus

Riders at the Merrick LIRR station N51 bus stop on Jan. 7, 2016 in Merrick. Credit: Howard Schnapp

Transportation is the number one source of climate pollution in the United States and New York State, as well as a major source of soot and smog pollution that causes asthma attacks, heart and lung disease, and other health harms.

The Transportation and Climate Initiative — which seeks to improve transportation, develop the clean energy economy and reduce carbon emissions — aims to cut pollution, create jobs, boost local economies, improve transportation access and equity, and enhance public health.

We need better public transportation access. In Nassau County, public transportation is often very poor unless you are going to a shopping center or mall. If we could expand access and use buses that run on nonpolluting energy, like electricity, we could have improved public transportation and less pollution.

Beth Jane Freeman,


Potholes hurt us in many ways

Nassau County roads have deteriorated. Are our elected officials aware that car insurance does not pay for damage to rims or tires caused by potholes? Are they aware repairs cost approximately $300 to $600? Are they aware of the pain that these roads can cause to people with back or spine problems?

Above all, I hope everyone is aware that we pay town taxes for these roads to be maintained. I’d give Nassau County a grade of F.

Peggy DeLuca,

North Bellmore

Prioritize Medical Aid in Dying bill

Imagine being told you that you have six months or less to live. You’ve endured painful and draining treatments. Your quality of life has declined and you are faced with a painful end. You are filled with anxiety and sadness. You will have less and less control over your destiny.

Imagine that there is medication that would allow you to gently fall asleep and die on your terms, on a date that you choose, so that your family could arrange to be with you, in the warmth of your home, surrounded by a lifetime of memories, and perhaps your dog or cat lying beside you.

Well, there is such medication, and sadly, every day in New York State we deny terminally ill people the relief and mercy that such a medication would provide them. This is cruel. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo must make Medical Aid in Dying a priority and New York State should pass the New York State Medical Aid In Dying Act as soon as possible.

Terminally ill people, especially those diagnosed with illnesses that can cause tremendous suffering, deserve the peace of mind simply being approved for such a medication will provide them, whether they end up taking it or not.

Karin Johnson,

Rockville Centre

Editor’s Note: The writer is a volunteer with Compassion and Choices, a nonprofit group.