Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Letter: Why give attention to old mob boss?

John (Sonny) Franzese Sr. at a boxing awards

John (Sonny) Franzese Sr. at a boxing awards dinner in Howard Beach in April 2018. Credit: Newsday

What could possibly have been the point of glorifying that lowlife criminal John (Sonny) Franzese with a five-page cover story [“A mob saga that was 102 years in the making,” News, March 27]. Of all the people that you could have showcased, you chose him.

The story says, “He was the epitome of old-style crime chieftains.” That’s stupid. These old-style chieftains were violent creeps.

Franzese “did his time and never talked,” the story says.

Isn’t that special! Do you think that is something to be proud of? Whom did he protect?

Your story asked how he felt about the judge who sent him to prison. Who cares what he feels? Was he wronged?

You showed nice pictures of him and his smiling family taking care of him. But why should we care? He was a bad person. He gave Italians a bad name. He cheated his way through business and extorted from legitimate enterprises. The story ends with him saying that he has no regrets about his life. And shame on Newsday for glorifying him. Sorry, but he deserves zero respect.

Edwin Miller, Old Field