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Letter: Hold the line on our school district taxes

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announces his demand for

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announces his demand for a property tax cap at Clinton G. Martin Park on March 24, 2019. Credit: Jeff Bachner

I’m 90 years old and have paid taxes to the Farmingdale public school system since 1958. My children have been out of these schools for more than 30 years, but I still pay very high taxes every year. The number of children attending has declined over the years — from 5,885 in 2013-14 to 5,540 today. Yet, in most years, my taxes increase — usually not because of more effective education, but because of higher costs for pay, retirement and benefits for teachers [“Tax cap boosting LI school budget OKs,” News, March 17].

As a fixed-income, long-retired homeowner, I believe that hardworking, struggling families have the right to demand a halt to this approach of making teachers’ future lives in retirement better than our own. Most teachers have the summer off. The rest of us work just as hard or harder with more working days before we retire. Let’s hold the line on taxes. No more increases!

Roy Willis, Massapequa