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Letter: Skeptical about Sanders' proposed Medicare for all

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., speaks

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., speaks during a rally at Discovery Green on April 24, 2019, in Houston. Credit: AP/Brett Coomer

Sen. Bernie Sanders insists that his Medicare for all plan will be free of charge — no premiums, deductibles or copays [“Caveats to ‘Medicare for All,’   ” News, May 2].

Seniors who are eligible for Medicare pay premiums and have deductibles and copays. Many pay additionally for supplemental coverage from private insurers. Dental care and eyeglasses are among things often not covered but, what the heck, how many seniors need teeth or glasses anyway?

Not all doctors accept Medicare, and if seniors wish or need to see one who does not, the additional cost is theirs. Beyond that are premiums for Medicare Part D for prescription drugs. Depending on the medication and the level of coverage purchased, they often still have copays, sometimes substantial.

With all that, we are still told Medicare will run out of money in 2026. Yet Sanders has a plan for everything to be free for everyone! The Easter bunny doesn’t understand why we are skeptical.

Anne Corson,

  South Huntington

Avoid toxic fertilizer and pesticides

I would like to commend the owner of Sang Lee Farms for his commitment to organic farming and to call our attention to this problem [“Toxic chemicals bad for farms, lawns,” Letters, May 7].

I have not used fertilizer on my lawn for three years because of the environmental impact and because I live on the water.

Growing up, we had a victory garden and grapevines all producing crops without pesticides. Today, I have a compost pile.

I hope others will try to stop using toxic compounds, which will benefit us and future generations.

Barbara Bolger,


Diocese should list accused clergy

I’d like to know why the Diocese of Rockville Centre has not released a list of credibly accused clergy [Protesters demand accused priests’ list from LI diocese, News, May 3].

Every parishioner has the right to know who these priests were. Sexual abuse is incomprehensible, and yet it happened for years and was swept under the carpet. How did these men of God live with themselves and continue to offer Mass? It is beyond reprehensible.

Rose Syms,