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Letter: New LIRR cars need rider respect

M9s at LIRR Hillside Test Site. The LIRR's

M9s at LIRR Hillside Test Site. The LIRR's new M9 cars have slightly wider seats, electrical outlets for each row, 32-inch multimedia screens, quieter doors, closed-loop armrests and other improvements. Credit: MTA/Jimenez, Oswaldo

The Long Island Rail Road’s 202 new M9 cars, bought at a cost of $734 million and including many upgrades, will begin use at the end of May [“New LIRR cars ready,” News, May 8].

Just how long they will remain pristine is a question not only for the LIRR, but for commuters, too.

As an LIRR rider, I see people carry food and beverages onto the trains. They leave trash behind. They rest their filthy shoes and feet on the seats.

The LIRR is obliged to clean the trains, but commuters also have an obligation to clean up after themselves and respect their surroundings.

The cost to ride the LIRR is ever increasing, and cleaning the trains adds to that cost.

Charles J. Brown,