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Good Afternoon

Letter: High costs put burden on home sellers, too

The home for sale at 24 Braham Avenue

The home for sale at 24 Braham Avenue in Amityville is pictured on May 15, 2019. Credit: Barry Sloan

The term “affordable housing,” and putting all the blame on the cost of homes, are just foolish [“The price of resistance to affordable housing,” Letters, May 14]. Can anyone define affordability in a region that has become unaffordable for every age group?

I bought my home in 1977 at a price and taxes I could afford 42 years ago, but if I were the same young man today, I could not afford to buy the same home — largely because of state income taxes, school taxes, property taxes and a list of other taxes and fees. How does anyone buy an affordable home with all the fees and taxes here?

Most of us seniors are stuck in our homes because there is no place to go locally. If we want to move, our only alternative is to move out of state for lower taxes and housing costs.

Neighbors have told me that they have had difficulty selling their true single-family homes because buyers want and need apartments in the houses. Think the young generation has it hard? Think again. It’s very hard for every age group.

Patrick Nicolosi,