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Letter: Red-light cameras play a role in improving safety

Red light traffic camera at the intersection of

Red light traffic camera at the intersection of Bellmore Ave and Newbridge Rd in Bellmore on May 7, 2014. Credit: Newsday/Thomas A. Ferrara

Thank you for stating the obvious about the effectiveness of red-light cameras [“Credit cameras with a drop in serious crashes,” Editorial, June 21].

Long Island roadways have become battlefields. I am a school crossing guard and I have a three-way stop sign at my post in Bayport. Most people tap the brake slightly before going through them, yet others blatantly ignore the signs. Me standing there with students makes no difference. One in, I’d say, every four drivers, is texting or talking on a phone.

On a recent morning, a woman driving 45 to 50 mph in a school zone (the norm in our community) ran through the stop sign. A local driver followed her and asked her why. The man said she told him, “I have a hair appointment!”

I would love for cameras to be put at every busy stop sign! What would the excuse be then?

Stop signs and red lights often are not obeyed anymore. If they were, we would not be saying goodbye to Melissa Marchese, the Shoreham-Wading River High School senior who was killed June 13 when, according to police, a driver ran a red light.

Linda Oley,

  Blue Point

When I am driving my car at normal speed and I approach an intersection that has a red light camera, I speed up if the light is green. I do this because I am afraid the light will turn red before I cross the intersection, and I will get a ticket. The camera causes me to cross the intersection faster than normal. This is not safe. But safety isn’t the real reason for these cameras, and we all know it. The real reason is revenue. Nassau County needs money, and its leaders are afraid to raise taxes and too incompetent to save money in the budget.

Ralph Daino,


If people obeyed the laws of the road, then they might avoid accidents — and traffic tickets. County politicians should make sure that the red-light cameras stay in place, and they should add more. Red means stop. It always has and always will.

Karl Wilhelm,

  West Babylon

Pro- and anti-Trump feelings run deep

I love the letters that express hatred for the president [“Poetry for Trump birthday hit the mark,” Letters, June 21]. One reader actually admonished a previous letter writer to “check her statistics . . . she will find that half of this country does think President Donald Trump is an evil monster.” Sure, perhaps 50 percent do not like him, but I find it the pinnacle of hubris to claim without proof that so many think Trump is an evil monster.

But I ask all the Trump haters, have you liquidated stocks in your 401(k), 403(b) and individual retirement accounts, and sold precious metals, for cash money? Do you insist on paying for gas, some foods and other commodities for higher than the prices posted? You are willing to benefit from all the good he has done for our country. That is the height of hypocrisy and ignorance.

John Savin,


A letter writer continued the canard that President Donald Trump is treated unfairly in the media while providing half-truths to support his point [“Give more attention to Trump’s triumphs,” June 9].

The writer said the president reached his highest approval rating in April, while failing to mention that the rating has never exceeded 50 percent. He said that the economy is at a major high, while failing to mention that current growth is consistent with trends that began 10 years ago under President Barack Obama. He said special counsel Robert Mueller found no evidence of collusion with Russia, while leaving out the fact that Mueller found overwhelming evidence of Russian interference to help Trump’s election and significant evidence of possible obstruction of justice by Trump. He said most people don’t want impeachment while failing to mention that the attorney general has misled Americans about what the Mueller report included and has blocked congressional inquiries.

I’m sure this writer believes that the media are biased against Trump. But he should examine his own biases before offering criticism.

Cynthia Lovecchio,

  Glen Cove

I take offense to a reader stating that half of America thinks President Donald Trump is an evil monster. Only the vocal left thinks that way. I believe the silent majority — many of them Republicans, conservatives and Christians — knows better. He is doing a great job for America. You should pray for him instead of condemning him.

Geri Strebel,

  East Moriches

Interference with pilots is serious

A Suffolk County resident accused of pointing a laser beam at an Army National Guard helicopter was charged with misdemeanor reckless endangerment [“Cops: Man pointed laser at copter,” News, June 14]. He was issued an appearance ticket and ordered to appear in Suffolk County Court in August.

Appearance ticket! If the pilot had become disoriented from the blinding light and crashed, the suspect would get more than an appearance ticket. This light treatment must be changed.

Bill Viggiano,

  Williston Park