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Good Afternoon

Letter: President Trump's assault denial demeans accuser

E. Jean Carroll is photographed on June 23,

E. Jean Carroll is photographed on June 23, 2019, in New York. Credit: AP/Craig Ruttle

President Donald Trump certainly has the right to deny allegations of sexual assault from the long and growing list of women who have named him. He should not, however, get a pass on how he denies these allegations [“Trump says new accuser not his type,” News, June 25].

To insinuate that writer E. Jean Carroll is not attractive enough to get his attention is demeaning to her and adds insult to injury. Rape is underreported in part because women fear they will not be believed, but will instead be judged.

The “not my type” argument misses the point, and ignores the reality of rape as the violent crime that it is. Rape is about asserting power and dominance, it is about hurting and humiliating another human — it is not about sexual attraction.

I wish the news media would challenge Trump on his response to serious allegations about his behavior.

Lisa Castillo,

  New Hyde Park

Who sets rules for anthem reverence?

I am puzzled by the June 26 letter, “Player doesn’t show enough reverence,” about U.S. soccer player Megan Rapinoe not putting her hand over her heart during the national anthem at the World Cup.

When did it become mandatory to place your hand over your heart during the anthem? I was taught to do so for the Pledge of Allegiance when I was a child. Only recently have I seen people do this for the anthem. I do not do it.

Who decides these “requirements”? If Rapinoe had danced around or cursed, for example, people should have been disturbed. But since she stood quietly to protest inequality in our country during the U.S. anthem at the World Cup, this was her prerogative.

For Americans, whether at home or abroad, the right to free speech is a significant demonstration of what our country stands for. To state that she should not be on the team because she did not put her hand over her heart is ludicrous. She represents the team by playing the best she can. That is what should count!

Sherry Eckstein,