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Letter: Generous hotel swag a thing of the past

Signage is displayed on a door to a

Signage is displayed on a door to a Marriott International Inc. hotel in Chicago, Illinois on Nov. 30, 2018. Credit: Bloomberg/Daniel Acker

Some major hotel chains plan to eliminate small bottles of shampoos, conditioners, body wash and soap bars. Marriott International plans to use wall-mounted dispensers [“Marriott banning tiny bottles,” Business, Aug. 30]. While I applaud this eco-friendly innovation, I hope it will lower the cost of a night at hotels.

I miss the days of hotel swag: free pens, stationary (including envelopes), postcards with a picture of the hotel and endless toiletries, which I donated to local shelters. Now I see small-size golf pencils and sticky notes.

I recall writing a postcard to myself and dropping it down the hotel mail chute. When I got home, the postcard would remind me of the great time I had.

Howard Lev,

   East Meadow

What about plates for the other 49 states?

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo says it is necessary to change New York State license plates because existing plates are not recognizable by toll scanners [“Pol calls $25 license plate fee ‘robbery,’  ” News, Aug. 28].

Is the governor going to mandate that the other 49 states change their plates? It can’t be that only our plates have this issue in New York. By the way, Governor, I have E-ZPass on all my vehicles; does this exempt me from the plate change?

Timothy Dahlen,


Regents exams are hard for a reason

Tinkering with standards just because they are hard is counterproductive [“Regents to reassess exams to get diploma,” News, Sept. 1]. The bar is high for a reason.

No participation trophies.

Greg Demetriou,