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Letter: Voting in schools compromises safety

Google Earth view of East Hampton High School.

Google Earth view of East Hampton High School. Credit: Googole Earth

The East Hampton school district is greatly troubled by the fact that the Suffolk County Board of Elections continues to locate polling places within the John M. Marshall Elementary School and East Hampton High School for primary and general elections.

As mass shootings plague our nation, parents and the community are justifiably concerned about school safety. Our district has received overwhelming public support to enhance school security — and has invested significant taxpayer dollars to make improvements. The safety of our children, their families and our staff is one of our highest priorities.

Yet, despite our pleadings over many years, we are unaware of any efforts by the Board of Elections to seek alternatives to the school polling sites. It is no longer acceptable to allow our school buildings to remain open to all without challenge by security personnel.

We simply cannot compromise the safety of our students and staff. Thus, it seems irrational to us and our constituents that we must put aside our security measures on election days, when we believe there are alternative locations that voters could use to cast ballots.

We recognize the importance of designating safe, accessible locations where voters can exercise their right to vote. We stand ready to assist in finding such locations.

Richard J. Burns,

  East Hampton

Editor’s note: The writer is superintendent of East Hampton public schools.

Barr family-party site is unethical

Your Sept. 11 editorial, “The presidency is not for profit,” neglected to mention perhaps the most egregious example of someone spending money at a Trump property in what might be an effort to curry favor: That is, Attorney General William Barr spending $30,000 to host a private family holiday party at the Trump International Hotel in Washington [“Trump tests ethics limits with holdings,” News, Sept. 9].

This, it seems, is the very definition of unethical. Drain the swamp indeed!

Edmund Fountaine,