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Letter: Millennials face higher costs of living

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As a baby boomer, I have felt embarrassed by the lack of empathy some of my peers have for the challenges facing millennials who want to remain on Long Island [“Long Island’s millennial exodus,” Letters, Sept. 11].

Calling them lazy, whiners or entitled indicates a lack of knowledge of the tremendous economic changes that have occurred since we were young.

Going to a state college in the 1970s was affordable for even the working class. Kids did construction, camp counseling and restaurant work in the summer to help pay tuition. Now those wages would not cover even a semester’s books.

Back then, a minimum-wage job could pay rent on a modest studio apartment. A person could support himself or herself while continuing his or her education.

Acknowledging the problems of increasingly high rent, exorbitant tuition and expensive health and car insurance might help lead to a solution.

And millennials? Enough with the fancy coffee already!

Ann Rita D’Arcy,

  Huntington Station