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Letter: LI needs more places to charge cars

An electric car is hooked up to one

An electric car is hooked up to one of several charging statiions installed at the parking garage at the Huntington LIRR station on Nov. 2, 2018. Credit: Danielle Silverman

Your story “Watts up: Our drivers plug in” [News, Sept. 18] states that Long Island has 30% of the all-electric and electric hybrid vehicles registered in New York State. It goes on to discuss Level 2 charging stations, which provide cars with up to 25 miles of driving range for each hour they charge.

What’s really missing on Long Island is a network of reliable public direct-current fast-charging stations with consistent rates that can add power in minutes rather than hours and serve all electric vehicles.

I have found Nassau County has only two fast-charging locations that will accommodate my Hyundai Kona’s combined charging system-combo connector, and the two units are many miles away and available only during car dealership business hours. At each dealer, you’ll find a single charging unit that might be broken, blocked by dealer vehicles or in use, requiring a wait of 30 minutes or so to begin recharging.

We need the government or businesses to set up a well-planned direct-current fast-charging network with locations that have multiple units to serve both combined-charging-system-combo and CHAdeMO-brand connectors, and which will accept a single method of payment. Until then, charging an electric vehicle anywhere but home will be very inconvenient if not impossible on Long Island.

Thomas Rhein,

Massapequa Park